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    estate agents phone system query

    Very bizarre question here.
    I normally withhold my mobile number - especially when calling estate agents as I don't want them constantly then hounding me.
    That was exactly the case when I rang one estate agent recently - the one that we all love to hate!
    Yet, the receptionist said that they could see my number. I hung up and double checked: my number was withheld.
    So how on earth does such an agent have the ability to see beyond a withheld number? Magic?

    Try 'phoning someone physically next to you & see what comes up...

    There could be several explanations..
    a) She can see a number but it ain;t yours (fault at her end/ her network provider/your network provider)
    2) She can see your number (fault to your end/your mobile network provider)
    iii) She's lying & can see no number...
    four) Your "I normally withhold.." wasn't on (no offence, perhaps your fault?)
    etc ...

    You are really asking "in a complex, multi-hardware, multi-software system with several different companies involved, something ain't working right: Could someone random tell me what ?"

    I also have no doubt that for the "Police systems" that the network operators use even withheld numbers are available, clear. i.e. the thought police are monitoring everything you do, say or enter....
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      I take you weren't phoning a freephone number. I'm not sure this is true in the UK, but in some countries freephone users can get the ANI (accounting number indication), which is not quite the same as CLI, but has the same value in simple cases.


        i was ringing a normal (London) office number 020... using my mobile.
        My number was definitely withheld. I triple checked/ rang home number and yes it says the number was withheld.
        So if my phone says its withheld how can an estate agents phone system "see" my number?


          For clarity I asked the agent what number they could see. They said the correct number; my mobile. They then asked if I could confirm who I was?


            Are you a customer of theirs? Or have you at least called them before and they may have your number on file?


              Not a client no. But am sure I called them in the past and am sure they will have number on file yes. But does that mean the withheld number gets overridden? It doesn't with other people I call...


                When you withhold your number it doesn't get sent, the space used to be filled with "withheld" sometimes.
                The recipient can't override it - it's possible an intelligence service (or google) might be able to work it out.

                If they knew who you were they might be looking at their customer record rather than the phone system.

                Or your phone or nertwork has a bug.
                When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


                  My suspicion is that they may be using a VoIP system that mis-implements presentation denied. In general the CLI is sent through the network and is only suppressed between the final network operator and their end user.

                  I think some mobile contracts also do not allow you to disable presentation of your caller ID.


                    A receptionist would not know the sound of my voice nor would they have any 'normal' way of knowing who I am. My mobile contract allows me to withhold my number. Their system clearly has had something done to it!! Interesting?


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