Tenant Application form - filling PDF forms

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    Tenant Application form - filling PDF forms

    I designed my own tenant application in Microsoft Word. I converted it PDF. I email this to tenants. They generally print this off and hand-write and then sign it.

    Technology as moved on PDF technology. My PDF does not have the ability to 'fill in the form'. Is there a way of making of making my PDF form fillable? So they type in their name, address on the form, but only need to print off before signing?

    This is an IT question, but hopefully someone has done this before?

    PDF forms are quite an old feature.

    I don't know what Microsoft Word can do, but LibreOffice can create PDF forms. I did, however, have problems with its font handling, as it doesn't seem to embed the fonts needed for the form fields. It might be OK if both the creator and filler are using Windows, or if you specify standard Postscript fonts.

    Given how long they have been available, it is surprising how many forms have to be printed and over- typed, rather than filled in then printed.


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