Letting Agents ripping off landlord client

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    Letting Agents ripping off landlord client

    I am currently using {Mod Letting Agents name removed}
    Recently, they have done a Check Out Inspection for a tenant leaving and highlighted a number of jobs that needed doing.
    They have not given me any of the job price quotes and thus not had any confirmation from me to have them completed, yet have sent me an invoice amounting up to hundreds of pounds.

    Am I able to push back under any of the following reasons?

    1. I have strictly told them in writing in the past to always run job quotes by me for my acceptance.
    2. The jobs were not priority and not asked to be done by the new tenant moving in
    3. All the jobs had never been picked up in any of {Mod Letting Agents name removed} inspection reports despite some of them existing prior to the old tenant living there, and existing during their tenancy.
    4. For one of the more expensive jobs, they have confirmed in writing that they never even got a quote from the contractor and simply told them to do the invoice and expect me to foot the bill.

    Instead, {Mod Letting Agents name removed} have sent me this response from my contract?

    “To organise, and where necessary to supervise, minor routine repairs, each to a value not exceeding £100.00. The landlord hereby agrees that the Agent will retain a balance of £100 in the landlords account towards such routine repairs.

    Point 4.3.

    “To inform and take the landlords instructions on repairs of a major or more serious nature over £100 excepting where emergency repairs are necessary immediately to prevent an escalation of damage to the property or to the health and safety of the tenant.”

    Am I still liable for charges?

    From the forum rules - https://www.landlordzone.co.uk/forum-rules

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      Write to the manager/director/owner of the agency pointing out all of the above. In your shoes my starting position would be that I’m not paying for any of the work.

      If they simply deduct the costs from your next rent payment then make a formal complaint and follow it through to their redress scheme.

      If they are looking at the long term they should be trying to keep you happy and retaining your business. They’re in the wrong here.


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      • Reply to rip off contractor send out by letting agent.
        I would make a formal complaint to the agent. If they are using one of their approved contractors, they should be able to obtain further details of the work carried out by the contractor. You can ask the agent what steps they took to verify that the invoice was valid before authorising it for payment....
        13-12-2018, 20:58 PM
      • Reply to rip off contractor send out by letting agent.
        Who is charging you for the work?

        If it's the letting agent charging you having paid the plumber already, dispute the invoice from the letting agent.
        I appreciate that they've probably deducted the cost from the rent that they pass on, but that's not the end of the issue.
        13-12-2018, 09:56 AM
      • Reply to rip off contractor send out by letting agent.
        Manage the property yourself. We do this with ours. Providing you have your own tradesmen on whom you can call, being 2000 miles away isn't a problem.
        13-12-2018, 00:52 AM
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        My gut feeling is that this could have happened with pretty much every letting agent? So better the devil you know! I'd also prefer to deal with this as an individual issue with the current agent, but I've got literally no knowledge of any best practices for letting agents managing 3rd part contr...
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      • Reply to rip off contractor send out by letting agent.
        I think I'd be finding a new letting agent in future.
        12-12-2018, 18:02 PM
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      • Reply to Changing agents and paperwork
        Think they'll magically find the documents went missing before they took over.

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      • Reply to Changing agents and paperwork
        Ask them if they have reported the data breach to the ICO. Under new GDPR, they are supposed to notify the ICO within 72 hours.

        Since it's your data they've lost, tell them you'll also report the incident to the ICO. They'll probably magically reappear.
        12-12-2018, 14:35 PM
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