removing a faulty letting agent.

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    removing a faulty letting agent.

    Hi everyone,

    my estate agent failed to provide me a professional service through out tenancy.
    - They failed to send me all mandatory statement
    - They were supposed to store one of m’y bed and mattresss, looks like they put il last year in another flat which is not mine. Which is now occupied by tenants using the Bed. I was supposed to sell it but as they were un able to find it , the buyer canceled. Can i asked them for the money ?
    - déposit scheme : m’y tenant left on 20th of may. Flat is not clean so i have asked for a professional quote for cleaning and removing tenant’s belongings left in the property. They have not provided me anything despite numurous chasing emails and phone calls. They dont even reply to me now.

    what can be done to take over and remove them without notice. As i have to exchange (sell m’y property) before the end of this month.

    on the other hand. They do manage another flat for which They took 6months managing fees starking in may. If i remove Them, can i get part of the fees back?

    What is the procedure or formal letter to send them to remove them for default ? And get the deposit scheme back to me.
    appreciate all your comments

    Without seeing your agreement with the agency it’s impossible to say for sure where you stand.

    However, if the property is now empty then it’s pretty likely that your agreement with them is over, it’s unusual for an agent’s service to you to extend beyond the end of a tenancy (because they get paid from the rent and there isn’t any anymore).

    So you should be able to simply to visit their office and collect your keys and whatever paperwork you require.

    That said, you want them to resolve the deposit problem and this is presumably registered in their name. One option would be to negotiate with the tenant directly, come to an agreement on price for cleaning and then both (you and the tenant) instruct the agent in writing how to disburse the deposit.

    With regard to your other complaints and receiving back fees paid in advance, you’ll need to complain to be agency and follow their complaints procedure setting out what you have a grievance with and what resolution you want.

    If you’re not happy with their response then you can escalate it to whichever redress scheme they belong.


      Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the answer. what notice (a week or a month) should I give them to take over m’y managed property?


        Can i find anywhere a standard letter?


          Originally posted by yeahremy View Post
          Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the answer. what notice (a week or a month) should I give them to take over m’y managed property?
          If it’s the empty property then you probably don’t need to give them any notice. If it’s the occupied property then your contract with the agent will tell you how you can end your agreement with them.


            You need to give them the notice required and/or satisfy the conditions that allow you to serve notice which will be detailed in the agreement that you entered into with the agent.

            They're all different and there isn't a simple one kind fits all answer.
            When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
            Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


              Alright thank you. Let me Check the agreement. However one of the Guy there just replied he cant give me Any tenants contact détails normaux pay me back the lost bed until the other agent is back from holding. This isnt the first Time they do that. Basically while the main agent isnt there the other partners clearly dont manage m’y properties.
              he told me that if i wasnt happy, i could go through légal math.
              which legal department could i contact to get m’y money back?


                Can you please use recognised legal Tenancy terms or complete and paste the important info required in the FAQs?


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                  If you use the Openrent full tenancy creation service (£49 + referencing) they automatically serve the How to Rent guide and all prescribed information for you and protect the deposit, all done by the software (no human to mess it up) and by email and all parties are copied in for proof of service...
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                  I'm not. Other online letting agents are available....
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                  Their process is about as simple as they could possibly make it. If you're logging into this forum and posting, it won't be a huge stretch of your abilities to get your property listed on OpenRent.

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                  Berwick thank you that’s so helpful! I will definitely do the inventory and great idea on printing and signing the Tenancy Agreement together- I shall do that too.
                  Does the Open Rent site guide you through the steps of the process? I.e. advertise, meet/accept, reference etc?
                  Did you use...
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                  I've used agents for 'tenant find only'.

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                  In the window of a rogue agent!

                  -the one's who actually benefit when a rogue tenant brings the landlord back to them much more often than a streetwise OpenRent landlord needs to re-let. My 'fees' are on average £29 for an average 4 year let, with rents only below market rate for exceptionally...
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                  I have always done it without an agent; It is my show after all. I usually can filter out the right tenant by having a conversation through mailing. The referencing I do through a previous landlord or agent - big name agents is best though, as they are more thorough in their screening; if the Tennant...
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                  If people are rude enough no to attend a viewing then it is a good thing -you don't want rude arrogant selfish tenants .I can usually find a few tasks so time is put to good use-irrespective of absences.
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