How to submit evidence on Mcol?

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    How to submit evidence on Mcol?

    I submitted money claim via mcol because My formal LA withheld two and half months' rent. I did it online but couldn't find a place to submit my evidence. I am wondering if I need to submit evidence? if anyone here has mcol experience? How did you submit the evidence? Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks

    The first step is only a brief summary statement of case which is word-limited (literally less than half a page). The evidence follows much later.


      Thanks, AndrewDod. now 14 days passed that the LA did not respond. I have submitted a ccj. It said the court will let me know in 5 days if they issue the ccj or not. Is the court going to ask me for evidence or shall I looking for ways of submitting evidence?


        Once the paperwork has been sent to the landlord, the landlord will have 14 days to respond with a defence and send it to the court, if they don't dispute the claim or raise a defence the judgement will be in your favour. Just out of interest, why are you going down this route, was the money not protected in a deposit scheme, if it was you should be following their process on retrieving the money back.


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          I would make a formal complaint to the agent. If they are using one of their approved contractors, they should be able to obtain further details of the work carried out by the contractor. You can ask the agent what steps they took to verify that the invoice was valid before authorising it for payment....
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          Who is charging you for the work?

          If it's the letting agent charging you having paid the plumber already, dispute the invoice from the letting agent.
          I appreciate that they've probably deducted the cost from the rent that they pass on, but that's not the end of the issue.
          13-12-2018, 09:56 AM
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          Manage the property yourself. We do this with ours. Providing you have your own tradesmen on whom you can call, being 2000 miles away isn't a problem.
          13-12-2018, 00:52 AM
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          I think I'd be finding a new letting agent in future.
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          Think they'll magically find the documents went missing before they took over.

          You may have serious problems trying to evict tenant without paperwork, In your shoes I'd offer tenant a new tenancy, plus all paperwork, at a slightly reduced rent (so they are keen to sign...): So everything...
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          Ask them if they have reported the data breach to the ICO. Under new GDPR, they are supposed to notify the ICO within 72 hours.

          Since it's your data they've lost, tell them you'll also report the incident to the ICO. They'll probably magically reappear.
          12-12-2018, 14:35 PM
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