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    Problem Letting Agent

    Hello Everybody

    In need of serious help

    I'm having serious issues with a letting agent.

    This current Director took over the letting agency in Feb 2017 and started having major issues now.

    I was not notified a previous tenant with rent arrears had left the property in Novemeber...the deposit has not been returned and it has been 3 weeks I'm still chasing this with him. His claim is the deposit was paid to the previous Ltd company which he is trying to get back.

    He also moved another tenant in december which was unknown to me (and him ? Claims his business partner hadnt told him). I only found out when the February 2018 arrears came about. Also letter of arrears from Council tax.

    I have since asked for the property to be returned back to me by 16th March

    He first promised to collect the arrears 2 weeks ago. Friday just gone I contacted him and he says the tenant came to pay but he was not in the office. Today he promised to have them in my account. I assume he has had these hence the promise. Still no rent arrears.

    it took a week for him to arrange property inspection. Which I finally did and he blamed dirty carpets on previous tenant.

    Is it worth my time, effort and money taking action through solicitors for neglect ?

    What is the best way around this ?

    When you say 'returned to me on the 16th of March' do you mean you want the tenant out by then? If so the agent doesn't have the power to do so If the tenant has a valid AST.
    "I'm afraid I didn't do enough background checks apart from checking her identity on Facebook" - ANON

    What I say is based on my own experience and research - Please don't take as gospel without first checking the gospel yourself.


      Never let agents protect deposits. The landlord is responsible for the deposit at all times.

      Where did the agent place the deposit? Get on to them and try to get something in writing of where they paid it then think on taking legal action.
      Agree with Wanna - if new tenant has a 6 month AST you will not be getting property back quickly.

      Freedom at the point of zero............


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        same as HantsAgent for us too... and you wouldn't even have had to go out and buy the sealant so that would have saved you time....
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        In my last business my inventory clerk used Peach Software.

        She thought it was pretty decent but the few times I tried to use it I didn’t find it particularly user friendly. I think that’s mainly because it’s only available on Android software and I’m used to Apple products.
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        The tenant isn’t likely to be able to keep himself under the 8 week mark for long. At some point he’d have to pay the full rent at the correct level.
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        Unfortunately I think you will find they disappear before you get a chance to take them to court.

        Contact the tenant directly and explain everything. Take over management yourself and hope the tenant takes pity on you (IE. doesn’t start looking into whether the deposit was registered...
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        How long until his fixed term contract expires? Serve S21, as with S8 there are more favourable towards the tenant, especially if the tenant is demonstrating that he is paying (even if it isn't the full amount). This could be easily challenged.
        15-08-2018, 21:40 PM