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  • bertha
    started a topic Agents obligation.

    Agents obligation.

    I am supposed to have my property on full management ,but things are not been dealt with by the agent ,gas checks,repairs reported,not chasing tenant for rent arrears,pet in property,dog poo all over the joint yard.I have now dealt with repairs,gas myself and instructed tenants to ring me over any issues,which they are happy to do as each complained about the agent.Question at what point does an agent on full management walk away from dealing with rent arrears ,when they put the tenant in ,and simply said evict and sat back for 4 months .Full management is it worth it,Ive taken over because things were not getting done or checked.Do you have reason to complain ,One example for 3 months I was told a tenant had been asked for gas check,why did I ring once to the tenant with appointment day and check done.I just wonder how many landlords do check that their agents are carrying out the required checks etc.

  • jpkeates
    I check that my agent is doing what they're meant to.

    Not that actively (because over time I've come to trust their own diary system).
    But I know when each property Gas Safety and EPC expire and check they're charging me for them at the right time.
    I know which properties they're meant to be inspecting and roughly when, so I check that I see the reports.
    I know which properties/tenants I'm never going to hear from and which I would expect to be in touch more frequently.

    Agents are a bit expensive when nothing happens, but worth the money when three lots of central heating "break" in October.

    The only thing I don't let anyone else do is manage tenant's deposits.

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