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    Poor property management

    I recently let go property managers because of several lapses and poor service to tenants etc .
    What do I do with tenants until their lease expires?

    Get them to pay the rent direct to you?


      they asked for a rent reduction and threatened to call the council about lapses that were purely the responsibility of the management company . I reminded them that was why I fired the company, now they want to stay but I am not sure ??


        Oh well if everything is now fixed, I might issue a s21 as a warning.

        I guess you could afford a small reduction if you are now not paying management charges. However, you might want to check your contract with the agent to see if you still owe them yearly commission.


          s21 how is that served as just a warning ? Yes I would be willing to consider a reduction and give them early termination with no penalty, we want to get the property up to standards again . Letting company was fired for several lapses and causes , the contract does not specifically state fees after termination . Thanks


            Originally posted by aoe View Post
            I recently let go property managers because of several lapses and poor service to tenants etc .
            What do I do with tenants until their lease expires?
            Sincerely hope you got copies of ALL paperwork (tenancy, references, inventory, photos, deposit protection, proof of service of PI etc etc etc) first. If not agents are unlikely to be helpful now.

            (Unless tenancy names landlord as agent - does it) the contract is between you & tenants: Carry on as normal, no reason for a rent reduction. In your shoes I would send a calm polite letter with proof you are owner (eg copy of land registry deeds) to tenants, apologise for previous bad management & ask for a meeting to chat about any issues, repairs etc, giving your contact details (address, email, 'phone, bank details etc..).

            When meeting for 1st time in these circumstances I'd take a bottle of wine & some flowers, smile, be friendly & let them do most of the talking and then move on from there.

            It may be agents have told them things which are not 100% true....
            I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


              Originally posted by aoe View Post
              s21 how is that served as just a warning ?
              You don't follow it with a possession order?


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                Without seeing your agreement with the agency it’s impossible to say for sure where you stand.

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                Jenny R
                Thank you for your reply, I will put them on notice. Does this need to be done by a solicitor ?
                18-07-2018, 18:37 PM
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                Not really. I would put them on notice that if tenant defaults on the rent, you will hold the agent responsible for any shortfall.
                18-07-2018, 17:05 PM
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                See Shelter website for compensation for unprotected deposit including draft letter. Start with than.
                17-07-2018, 13:16 PM
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                That's not 100% guaranteed, but it is very likely that you had a tenancy, regardless of what the agreement actually said.

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                Once the paperwork has been sent to the landlord, the landlord will have 14 days to respond with a defence and send it to the court, if they don't dispute the claim or raise a defence the judgement will be in your favour. Just out of interest, why are you going down this route, was the money not protected...
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