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    Management software?

    Looking to change our management software, does anybody use Jupix or Expert Agent ? whats your opnion and any idear of the costs?

    I've been using Expert Agent for a couple of years, it's ok but can be glitchy and slow as it's cloud based. Who are you using currently? I am eyeing up Acquaint at the moment, seem to offer a few more handy bits and more reasonable pricing. With EA now being owned by Zoopla you can guarantee a cost increase every year.
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      Using Rent Pro at the moment, find it very time consuming, previously used Jupix for a couple of months with Sales, but didn't really get the chance to learn how to use it properly. Also the cost comes into it as we are just starting up.


        Can I just give another vote for Acquaint. We have been using it for years and they update it with new features regularly. Their helpline is great as you can actually speak to people that help you unlike some of the bigger ones I have used where you have to wait for a call back when they have a spare moment. We use it for sales and lettings and it does everything we need it to.


          Originally posted by Goobs27 View Post
          Can I just give another vote for Acquaint.
          What is the cost of this one?


            very sharplearningcurve if Google is hard ;-)



              What’s the size of your portfolio? Or what do you anticipate it will be in 1yr, 2yrs, 5yrs?

              Originally posted by sharplearningcurve
              Also the cost comes into it as we are just starting up
              Of course. But I’d recommend you invest wisely (don’t scrimp) in this part of your business.

              You will be using this software for years to come (most contracts will tie you in) and it’s a massive hassle to switch from one to another once you have a decent portfolio loaded on to it.

              I had Expert Agent in my last business but I’m not going back to it. It’s outdated, slow and takes too many inputs to get from one place to another easily.

              I’m using Alto in my new business and it’s fantastic (I’ve been trailing it for a little while on a small portfolio). There are no duplicate records and it’s so simple to link customers and events to each other. As an example, I have one client on there who is a vendor, a multi landlord, and an active purchaser. One record, all the correspondence in one place, easy to find quickly.

              The UI is also much much better than Expert Agent.

              It’s also owned by Zoopla (they own Jupix, Expert Agent, CFP and others) but the price should be locked in for the period you sign up for.


                I've recently jumped ship from "Expert Agent" and moved to Acquaint and so far am very happy. As with any system change it'll take a good few weeks to get used to but their support has been impeccable, screen sharing and being able to call whenever needed. You do need to use outlook to get the most out of it, we were previously with gmail, otherwise it syncs with your phone for the diary etc.

                EA was pretty but very glitchy and slow if either end had internet issues, support lack lustre and now being owned by ZPG can guarantee 10% annual price increases.
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