Do agents collude with deadbeat tenants?

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    Do agents collude with deadbeat tenants?

    This question has formed in my mind recently regarding my property in Jersey. Back in 2007 I had a lot of trouble finding tenants and tried three agents. The third agent, who I still have, has found me two tenants who have both turned out to be deadbeats. The first tenants were a man, his partner and his sister. I thought they'd be ideal, but very soon the neighbours reported they were subletting rooms to itinerant workers. I put a stop to that, but then of course the rent started being paid short.

    You'd think I'd have learnt my lesson with this agent, but I thought perhaps we were just unlucky. The 2nd tenant who moved in in 2011 gave my agent some story about her husband having bad credit, so the tenancy had to be in her name. Two months later he was in the local papers in court for embezzling £40k from his employer, and was sent to prison for 3 years.

    Since then, despite paying a reduced rent, my tenant has been very demanding about repairing damage that she herself has done, and my agent seems to bend over backwards for her. I'm beginning to wonder if she deliberately picks chavvy tenants so that she gets commission on the repairs required.

    Any thoughts?

    I guess there are some good agents, but in general the answer must be yes.

    I don't think the "gets commission on the repairs required" is the major motivator though. More the consequence of the growing disaster caused by government incentives that are shifting the whole sector into corporate ownership. Agents would far rather put non-deadbeats into their OWN properties. Most agents do not see their role as one of achieving the best for their client.


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