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    Changing agents

    I have a few properties let (amongst me and my siblings, but I tend to be the one who sorts things out). Three of them are let and managed by an agent as the original flat I gave them was a little far away from where I live. Since then, we acquired two other properties which are geographically a distance away from them, but they were happy to take on and manage for us.

    I'm not unhappy with them, they do a reasonable job and it keeps me from having to drive long distances but I want to take two of the properties from them and give them to a friend of mine who has just opened an agency in the town the properties are in.

    I'm quite happy to let them keep the one original flat, but I want to help my friend out and he's been a very good agent for a number of years.

    Now, my question is surrounding giving the current agent notice but keeping the tenants who they introduced. I'm aware that it's contract dependent, but it's a little more complicated than that.

    I signed an agency contract for the first flat (which was several years ago), but not for the subsequent two properties. In that original contract it states that to terminate the agreement with the agent I must give 7 days' notice and they reserve the right to charge me a cancellation fee of £375+vat.

    I never signed anything new for the other two properties, so would you think that I am free just to tell them that I'm switching with immediate effect or is it likely to be assumed that the terms I agreed to for the original flat would hold good for the two newer properties?

    NB. I've checked the contract and it doesn't say anything about the terms applying to other properties.

    Unless you signed something to other effect, I think it reasonable to assume that agreements are per property not per client.

    However - think carefully before entering into business agreements with friends.


      yeah... I'd second AndrewDod on the business with friends advice esp as agents for your property. You need to maintain a completely impersonal view of your properties and the decisions you make with them... esp the tough ones... and you can't do that if your mate is your agent.

      Even though you have no written contract, surely you have a verbal contract with the original LA. Would they not have grounds for a claim against you which would succeed if taken to court (when it would be those costs plus fees)?


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