Insurer rights take Possession damaged Property

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    Insurer rights take Possession damaged Property

    Some Underwriters have this clause in the Policy Wording:

    "We may enter any building where loss or damage has happened, take possession of the insured damaged property and deal with any salvage in a reasonable way"

    Should any clause like this be legally based or increase the landlord risk in any way.

    I can't answer specifically but it seems to me that any clause in an underwriter's policy which you sign up to when you take out insurance would be "legally based" under contract law.

    What kind of risks are you envisaging?


      That looks like a very standards clause. For portable property, it stops you gaining extra money by selling it on Ebay. I think it is mainly for things that can or will be removed, but they would also want complete control of the site during any major rebuilding work.


        My Policy wording says:

        'Following a claim you must allow us or anyone authorised by us
        a access to premises
        b to take possession of,
        or request delivery to us of any property insured'
        Policy is based on the contract you have signed.

        "I'll be back."


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