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    Water Damage Excess Claim Incident Unknown

    I have recently received a letter from my management company who manages the block, I own the flat as a long leaseholder. The letter is stating that I owe £2500, for service charge and ground rent, even though I have made all payments for this, later they have verbally confirmed that the outstanding balance is for water damage excess. The letter is also stating that unless I make all payments within 10 days, I will be charged a £205 administration fee and that my file will be passed on to external solicitors and all charges will be passed for this will be passed back to me.
    The block has been known to having leaks, however the managment company are refusing to tell me when this leak happended, what happened in regards to damage etc. and why I wasn't informed at the time. To add complexity the directors of the block have given the management company a one month notice, after which a new management company will be appointed. I believe the company is embezzling funds, and that there has been no claim. Please can someone give me some advcie I do not want to end up paying thousands of pounds without a just reason. Thanks

    I'd write back and challenge the allegations. Ask your tenant if there was a leak from your flat, and if anyone has repaired it.
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    • Reply to Unoccupied Property Insurance
      by L4NDLORD
      Certainly the Zurich wording says a " Responsible Person " must inspect unoccupied premises at least once a week; there are also other risk requirements, esp during the winter
      15-01-2022, 18:40 PM
    • Unoccupied Property Insurance
      by Marcus Read
      Every landlord has void periods, and I have one now. I would like to insure for the obvious risks, such as unauthorised occupants (squatters), malicious damage, etc. But whenever I've looked into this, insurers say they will only offer 'FLEEA' insurance (fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, aircraft)...
      24-12-2021, 10:56 AM
    • Reply to Unoccupied Property Insurance
      by Piffy
      I once had a Commercial Property and had to close my business for a month because a car drove into the front of the building and demolished the doorway. I wnt on holiday for 2 weeks and when I returned I went to the property and let myself in through another door and everything was OK. That night the...
      11-01-2022, 13:45 PM
    • Reply to Protfolio Landlord Insurance
      by Steve Barnes
      I always recommend that you should have a check list of the covers that are important to you and make sure that these covers are included within the quotations that you receive. That way you can compare the premiums easier and make sure it meets your needs, for example, as the property is being rented...
      10-01-2022, 13:19 PM
    • Protfolio Landlord Insurance
      by MorProp
      Hi all,

      Can anyone recommend an insurance provide or broker for freehold BTLs?

      also, from your experience, what should be covered and what to look out for?

      how do you deal with emergencies?

      05-01-2022, 09:36 AM
    • Reply to Protfolio Landlord Insurance
      by L4NDLORD
      One should check that cover includes terrorism! Would provide cover in the event your tenants used the rented property (or one nearby) to make a bomb that exploded. Also access and trace. And non invalidation cover. And three years loss of rent. Very few policies include CBRN but the very best do. Half...
      10-01-2022, 03:08 AM
    • Reply to Protfolio Landlord Insurance
      by SouthernDave
      I use John Lawton, Cascade Insurance
      09-01-2022, 09:45 AM
    • Reply to Protfolio Landlord Insurance
      by loanarranger
      Hi jpucng62
      I think you meant BG ( British Gas ) I have this for all my properties and has been a great facility plus peace of mind for tenants , but bad news for the managing agents as there is no kickback from plumbers Etc
      09-01-2022, 09:43 AM
    • Reply to Protfolio Landlord Insurance
      by jpucng62
      Any commercial broker will be able to give you LL insurance. This will insured the fabric of the building & fixtures and fittings (think sinks, kitchen cupboards etc) in case of a major event.. It will usually have some contents cover for your furnishing - carpets, curtains, light shades and furniture...
      09-01-2022, 08:18 AM
    • Reply to Protfolio Landlord Insurance
      by MorProp

      You have insurance and then BT home care on top? Sorry if this is a daft question but what are the differences?
      05-01-2022, 22:09 PM