HMO Insurance - Where to start?

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    HMO Insurance - Where to start?


    It's my first HMO and I haven't a clue what insurance to get or who to go with.

    I am also concerned by if for example someone injures themselves on the property. I.e fell down the stairs drunk etc.

    I have read about Property Owner's Liability Cover, is that the solution to the above?


    I have also just bought my first HMO. I was a bit surprised to find that for buildings insurance it doesn't seem to be considered significantly different from a non-HMO property. Insurer told me that if the tenants were all of the same type (i.e. all students or all working) I didn't have to specify that it was an HMO.

    As regards liability, my view would be that we should be covered by taking standard 'good practice' precautions (i.e. comply with the HMO regs, get the electrics checked, get a gas safety certificate, etc.)
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      'phone up a few of the insurance advertisers on this site - they should be able to guide you,,,
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