Rent guarantee for tenant?

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  • DDlandlord
    started a topic Rent guarantee for tenant?

    Rent guarantee for tenant?

    Hi I've just had an email off my tenant to say he forgot to renew his insurance which included rent guarantee I'm a bit confused as I thought only the landlord insured against this, is this correct?


  • DDlandlord
    Hi ash
    Yes that's what I thought Aswell I've sent him an email explaining what you have said hopefully I'll get it sorted thanks very much.

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  • ashburnham
    A tenant could take out income protection insurance so if they were unable to work due to illness/injury they would still be able to pay their rent. Not exactly a rent guarantee policy but the only cover I can think of that a tenant could take out to assist with their rental payments.

    Some tenant's contents insurance policies provide cover for rent that the tenant is legally liable to pay if the home becomes uninhabitable following an incident covered by the contents policy but any example I can think of would also affect the buildings so the landlord's buildings insurance would come into play to provide loss of rent cover.

    Ultimately, only the person receiving the rent (i.e. the landlord) can take out a rent guarantee insurance policy.

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    I would like to ask if you have any experiance with Direct Line insurance for landlords? I am thinking of buing their insurance (building, legal expenses, rent guarantee).
    Is it worth recommending? What is your experiance regarding handling claims etc?

    I will appriciate...
    20-09-2019, 09:55 AM
  • Reply to Question regarding insurance
    I had that firm before. One massive issue for me was they did not insure "students". When one of my tenants age 53 became a postgraduate PhD student it precipitated a crisis where my insurance became invalid mid-term.

    One problem with insurance these days is that there is no thinking...
    20-09-2019, 12:01 PM
  • Reply to Question regarding insurance
    I have that firm for home, motor & landlord insurance. You should only buy this if you are fairly certain you won't need to claim. I've had one home & one motor claim with them years ago. The motor claim was okay. For the home one, I had to threaten to sue.
    20-09-2019, 10:29 AM
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    Hi, we have recently taken over a resturants and our landlord has charged us for building insurance and i have a few questions.
    1. can they do that when its their building thats insured not us?
    2. They have student flats upstairs so how do we know they aren't charging us for the whole building...
    08-08-2019, 15:32 PM
  • Reply to Can commercial landlord make you pay buildings insurance?
    You would have signed a Lease to take over the shop. Your solicitor should have made you aware of your obligations and gone over the terms and conditions.

    Some of the points have already been made. I would expect the freeholder to insure the building under a block policy. You would...
    17-09-2019, 16:09 PM
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    Hi all,

    I wonder if anyone can offer any experience/knowledge on this.

    I have an opportunity to purchase a house on a good sized plot at below market value being sold by the executors of an estate. Reason for the valuation is that there is a current insurance claim going through...
    18-07-2019, 19:42 PM
  • Reply to Insurance and Subsidence
    I don't see a problem. As long as the remedies are sound. There is nothing to worry about. You should insure with the current provider, until the issues have been resolved. Yes, they will have jacked up premium, but they would have sent in their surveyor, but you will be able to get another quote. For...
    17-09-2019, 15:37 PM
  • Reply to Insurance and Subsidence
    What is the difference between insuring for subsidence and movement are they classed as the same or would we need to be insured separately and why is the subsidence excess so high?
    16-09-2019, 14:30 PM
  • Landlord Rent Guarantee Insurance without salary checks
    Is there such a Rent Guarantee Insurance, where referencing is done for tenants, but their salary is not checked?
    I am facing a problem, where so many decent interested people are filtered out by the Openrent rent guarantee scheme, because their salary is apparently not high enough...
    15-09-2019, 18:32 PM
  • Reply to Landlord Rent Guarantee Insurance without salary checks
    6 months rent up front for a 6 month tenancy is the best guarantee in my book. Then s21 notice & standing order form at 4 month point.
    15-09-2019, 22:19 PM