Insurance for renting out our own home

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  • Insurance for renting out our own home

    Can any one help? We occasionally rent out our own home when we go away on holiday. Opprox 40 days per year. I am having trouble finding appropriate insurance for buildings and contents. Where do I look?

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    You need to use a broker who specialises in such risks - try Ashburnham who regularly writes in this column or I use Highhouse Insurance who will also offer such cover.

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      I think I would need a bit more info regarding this one first.

      As the letting period is short, it would be a referal or decline on most landlords insurance policies but a holiday let policy may be the direction to go. These cater for shorter letting periods and higher levels of contents. My concern with this risk is that it is your own house so I would assume your worldly goods are within. Any contents insurance policy for a property being rented out is going to exclude valuables.

      As you will probably only want this policy for the 40 day duration it is important to find all costs involved. It is likely you will have to take out an annual policy and suffer the cancellation charges when you want the policy to cease. All these figures should be available before you take out the policy.

      Also, if you have a mortgage on the property, you may need to make sure they are happy with this scenario.
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        That looks like a very standards clause. For portable property, it stops you gaining extra money by selling it on Ebay. I think it is mainly for things that can or will be removed, but they would also want complete control of the site during any major rebuilding work.
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        I can't answer specifically but it seems to me that any clause in an underwriter's policy which you sign up to when you take out insurance would be "legally based" under contract law.

        What kind of risks are you envisaging?
        26-07-2017, 09:12 AM
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        I agree with the others that for a wall in general, and a 'thick' wall like yours in particular to move that way just because someone essentially pushed on one side it must be inadequately designed and built.

        At least your wife is lucky because if the wall had not moved she would have hurt...
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        A bit like a collapsing bumper on a car - a safety feature almost

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        Insurance broker, not an online application - ads on this site somewhere.
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        I'd have thought that if the wall hadn't fallen over, the wife could have been badly hurt.
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        Direct Line?
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