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  • Insurance quandary

    Here's an odd one, hopefully someone know the answer.

    I own the leasehold to a flat in a converted 1850s building. The flat it was discovered has a chalk mine underneath and the council recently spent millions filling it in to make it safe. Regardless, the building insurance is very expensive I'm told (paid via maintenance payments).

    18 months ago one of my tenants pulled a cupboard onto his head and is seeking financial compensation (another story), leading me to get landlords insurance moving forward as this includes public liability.

    However I've been told I cant get landloards insurance as a) the building is already insured (can double insure I suppose) but b) the mine works mean no one will insure it.

    I don't really require buildings inusrance as that's already done, I think I just need the public liability insurance.

    My question is can I get this on its own and is it suitable for protecting me against tenants sueing me for injuries due to furniture etc? If I can get it, do I need one per property or just one for me full stop?

    Thank you all.

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    I have a Directline contents only landlord's policy which includes public liability for my rental flats. If I remember correctly, it is under £100 per flat.


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      A good contents only policy will usually have liability cover included. Alternatively it can be taken as a standalone liability policy.

      A similar discussion was held HERE a few months ago which may help.
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        Thanks both!


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          Hi guys, right, here's a good question for you.

          I did indeed take out a DirectLine landlords contents policy, specifically to get the public liability. Read this:

          Cover includes

          "Accidental Injury to any person other than an Employee (as defined in Section 6 of this Policy) if such an injury arises out of and in the course of their employment by You"

          I read to this to mean that accidental injury to tenants isn't covered. Direct Line swear blind that they are and this states they are. Thoughts?


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            I think it's saying that you are covered for injuring anyone except your employees isn't it?


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              I read this as any person is covered for accidental injury. Employees would be covered as well if their injury is not to do with their employment (in the unlikely event they were at the house for social reasons!).

              Employees injured during their employment would be covered by employers liability insurance which should be in place if you do employ anyone (normally a separate section of the insurance policy).

              To re-iterate, this is just how I personally read it and I would always confirm with the insurer in question to clarify the exact cover I have in place.
              Steve Smith - Company Director at a leading Landlord Insurance broker with 17+ years experience in the industry
              LandlordZONE Verified Poster and Topic Expert for Landlords Insurance since 2009
              See my profile for contact details


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                Thank you guys. I can see how you interpret it that way. I did call and they confirmed tenants are included but wouldn't put that in writing because they already have (in this clause). I think I'll go with it as I don't have many options. Thanks again


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