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    Company Let Insurance Advice

    Can anyone give me advice on where to get insurnace for a Company Let? We have been approached by a company working on behalf of a large supermarket for a 6 month lease of our house for their employees. We have been searching the internet for landlords insurance that covers a Company let and so far have only found ensleigh (who are quoting exhorbitantly high prices!)

    The LandlordZONE Insurance Directory would be a good place to start.

    I would not bother using any of the online quote forms that these insurers offer and would instead ring them. Our online forms only cater for "the norm". This sometimes scares people off thinking that this is all we do but it is just purely the limitations of technology that means an online system cannot cater for every single situation. A real person can usually customise a policy specifically to your needs.

    I would imagine ringing any of the insurers in the directory will give you better results.
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