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    Originally posted by Lawcruncher View Post
    I think that most block policies these days have a "general endorsement" on them to the effect that the interest of all tenants and their mortgagees is noted. Look to see if the policy has such an endorsement.
    Yes, as per my post #2.
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      Its a normal request by mortgage lenders on leaseholders because most insurance companies will only accept a claim by the "named policy holder" unless the policy conditions includes the wording the "interest of leaseholders and their mortgagor is noted" or similar.


        Bumping up this thread,
        if the policy wording
        “ will cause the tenants and or it’s mortgagees interest to be endorsed on the policy”
        does this mean the tenant can make a stand-alone claim? And do names have to be added to the policy, And what can be done regarding a claim if the Landlord refuses to add the intrested party’s



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