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  • Insurer not interested in subsidence

    My house which I rent out is on a hill and one of a terrace of three which all back onto a path held up by a supporting wall that is coming away and is on the verge of falling down. If the path/wall falls down my house and the ones next to it could fall onto the houses below. There is no mention of who owns the path in my deeds, although they state that I have “permission to access” the path and my solicitor never brought up the fact that this could be a problem when I bought the house in 2000. Up until two years ago the local council had shored up the wall but has now refused to continue responsibility for it and taken away the shoring saying that this is now the responsibility of the house owners. My patio which backs onto my kitchen now has an enormous crack about an inch wide and four feet long and there are also some signs of cracking on the exterior and interior walls of my house. I am covered for subsidence but when I contacted my insurance company they told me that any claim to do with the path would not be accepted and that I should repair the path and its supporting wall (which is in the garden of the house below) myself. I would like to sell the house but realise it will be difficult to sell in its current state. What am I best to do?

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    How did you get on with your problem?...It would be nice to know.


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    • Freeholder wants to change condition on lease renewal
      John Youngs
      I am in the process of purchasing a new 125 year lease on a BTL flat. The current lease says that in the event of a rebuild of the block being necessary the freeholder will pay any shortfall between the insured value & the rebuilding costs. The new lease removes this liability so only the insured...
      19-08-2017, 12:05 PM
    • Reply to Freeholder wants to change condition on lease renewal
      John Youngs
      Thanks for the reply.

      The lease is down to 56 years, the new one will be 125.

      The current valuation for rebuilding is £7m & insurance is £10m so is ok now. But I wondered what incentive there is for freeholder to keep this up to date. perhaps what you say about adequate...
      19-08-2017, 14:12 PM
    • Reply to Freeholder wants to change condition on lease renewal
      Are you renewing because the lease is about to expire, or are you doing so in order to extend one that has at least 21 years to run.

      In the latter case, you extend by exactly 90 years, and change the rent to one peppercorn per year (which will not, in practice, be demanded), without other...
      19-08-2017, 13:18 PM
    • Subsidence cover
      I have trawled the internet etc. and made some phone calls but as soon as I mention the fact that the boundary wall in our front garden has developed cracks, we are refused cover.

      We have done some investigating and suspect that the cause of the cracks on the boundary wall is a large tree...
      08-08-2017, 06:49 AM
    • Reply to Subsidence cover
      Agreed. I found that out when shopping around before renewal with the existing insurer. Good job I did not tell the existing insurer where to go in a fit of pique....
      08-08-2017, 17:55 PM
    • Insurance shot up due to water leaks from upstairs.
      I have an irresponsible landlord upstairs. Twice, the ceiling has fallen due to a water leak.

      The council are useless and gave no help.

      My insurance has gone up, as I have had two claims during recent years.

      Is there anything I can do about this? Can the upstairs...
      08-08-2017, 15:53 PM
    • Reply to Insurance shot up due to water leaks from upstairs.
      What did you expect if you claimed on insurance rather than sued the guy?
      08-08-2017, 16:23 PM
    • Reply to Subsidence cover
      I don't understand why you did n't make a claim under the current insurance?

      I had a similar situation with a front garden wall, was leaning. The insurance company sent a surveyor at no cost to me.

      Whilst the house had strong foundation and was n't impacted by subsidence....
      08-08-2017, 15:48 PM
    • Reply to Subsidence cover
      I believe you are over thinking this. You definitely want your existing policy to continue, as this will likely be the only firm who will insure for subsidence at a reasonable cost in the future. Also, I would not like to try to claim on your old policy if you have stopped it in favour of someone e...
      08-08-2017, 10:09 AM
    • Reply to Subsidence cover
      We shopped around a bit when our existing insurer gave us the renewal quote and terms. We could not (at that time) find any other insurer that would offer us an all-inclusive policy. They either declined to insure us or offered to insure us on FLEA terms so we grudgingly renewed on FLEA terms with our...
      08-08-2017, 09:57 AM