Property insurance for BTL- where's best?

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  • Property insurance for BTL- where's best?

    Hi everyone

    has anyone got any Buildings Insurance for their rented house lately?

    I need to get Buildings Insurance for my 2 bed terraced rented house in manchester with one student in.

    So far, 1 company £213, wouldn't mind paying less.

    Many thanks for reading, hope to hear from you, kind regards


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    Hi Alex,
    I have just changed our landlords insurances to a much more competitive company. 2 bed terraced in Cheshire let to DSS tennant £136.13 p.a. Also, 3 bed semi in Cheshire paying an additional premium for 8 weeks of unoccupation whilst renovation works were carried out £207.
    The Company is Elliott Garden based in Tyne & Wear. Tel: 0191 512 3541
    If anyone knows of cheaper insurance please let me know.
    Hope this helps.


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      I use Rentguard ( but via the RLA ( which gives a substantial discount (in fact that was the reason I originally joined the RLA, as the discounts I received covered their membership fee).

      Rentguard seems good value; have never had to claim so can't comment on that side of things.


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        note of thanks

        Hi Lynette and Ericthelobster

        many thanks for your help.

        I ended up going with Rentgard (£135).

        I've also asked them to include a flyer explaining their insurance policy that covers you if the house should be empty i.e. no rent being paid as well - sounds interesting, because I have 2 houses that I rent out, but the figures are very tight and I'd be in trouble without the rental incomes.


        hope things are good with your houses, kind regards


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          What did you expect if you claimed on insurance rather than sued the guy?
          08-08-2017, 16:23 PM
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          I don't understand why you did n't make a claim under the current insurance?

          I had a similar situation with a front garden wall, was leaning. The insurance company sent a surveyor at no cost to me.

          Whilst the house had strong foundation and was n't impacted by subsidence....
          08-08-2017, 15:48 PM
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          I believe you are over thinking this. You definitely want your existing policy to continue, as this will likely be the only firm who will insure for subsidence at a reasonable cost in the future. Also, I would not like to try to claim on your old policy if you have stopped it in favour of someone e...
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        • Reply to Subsidence cover
          I would just pay the premium asked. The cost of the works should be covered under last year's policy, assuming you claimed. (Did/have you?)

          Changing companies now will be incredibly expensive, if you are able to get cover at all.
          08-08-2017, 09:46 AM
        • Reply to Subsidence cover
          Tee hee. Crack on, I get it!

          Seriously though - we first noticed a small crack on the boundary wall around 8 months ago while we were still within an 'all-inclusive' insurance policy. We set out about monitoring the crack and sure enough it got bigger and bigger as the months went by. We...
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