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    Insurance advice

    I'm looking at insurance and trying to work out if any is worth the money, I'd love your thoughts.

    I live 2 hours away from my property. Close enough to deal with issues, but far enough away that the fuel to get there and back is £60 (and climbing!)

    1) What insurance is worth getting?

    I would like to get landlord liability insurance, but that only seems available when getting other insurance.
    I have joint building insurance with the freeholder, and I can't get liability insurance included with that (I have asked)

    Mashroom offer Emergency cover for £130/year and Rent guarantee for £300/year.

    2) Rent guarantee insurance seems steep, but maybe others have a different opinion?

    3) Emergency cover for £130 sounds like a bit of a bargain?

    4) What about contents insurance? It seems that can be covered by a contingency fund and probably not worth it, but again, maybe others have a different opinion.

    5) How might I get Liability insurance if not through building insurance?

    What other insurance is worth considering?

    Many thanks!

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