Anyone recommend a good / honest insurance company

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    Anyone recommend a good / honest insurance company

    Dear Forum,

    Looking at getting new insurance asap on a HMO property 8 tenants, combination of working and benefits as my current insurance company have been totally useless when I've had to make 3 claims at another property recently, and I simply wouldn't want to go through the same stress and endless hours of wasting my life trying to recover my losses in the event that I may have to make another claim, as current insurer will treat me like a criminal whilst making endless false claims against me and over 18 months and still no pay out.

    Ideally looking at any company that does not have Sedgwick as loss adjusters or NIG as the insurer.

    Thanks for any recommendations

    I don't have any specialism in this but as just an observation from the outside when I think about it; I imagine that you cannot easily hedge against what loss adjuster an insurer uses as I guess that they use a number at any one time depending on workload and the type of job. They probably also change them from time to time as contracts are won (if that is how it works - I don't actually know). I think you get my drift. What I'm saying is, whilst an insurer might not use Sedgwick as a loss adjuster now, it isn't to say that come 3 years later they don't start using them.

    I think that the only way that you could avoid such a scenario is to perhaps ask a large insurer such as Direct Line and see if they directly employ their own loss adjusters.
    EDIT: A quick google for direct line loss adjuster has brought up a job opportunity for a loss adjuster at their group: https://www.directlinegroupcareers.c...etails/R-8992/
    So it is clear that they do directly employ their own loss adjusters. Perhaps when they are overworked they also rely on external loss adjusters to help too, this isn't uncommon in many fields and is often unavoidable, but for the most part it would appear that you deal with loss adjusters directly employed by Direct Line. So by going with someone like Direct Line you are mitigating and controlling the risk that you want to avoid than with an insurance broker which can land you up with who knows what.
    On a personal level, I have had a boiler claim, as well as a car insurance claim both dealt with exemplary by Direct Line.


      Thanks for your reply,

      I thought that after checking who I was insured with I would have been OK as its part of the Direct Line, who you would think wouldn't want to have horror stories read about how the customers are put through so much stress and false claims by the loss adjusters / insurance company.

      I'm hoping for a call today from a manager to look into why I still can't get paid and why after my house was trashed by violent scum and a boiler leaked throughout the property, I'm told its accidental or wear and tear, when the ex tenants smashed up the contents of my house and set them on fire in the garden.


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