Can I have a block buildings insurance and an individual buildings insurance policy?

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    Can I have a block buildings insurance and an individual buildings insurance policy?

    Hello - I couldn't find the answer to this either by searching google or here.

    I moved into a flat a bit over a year ago and have discovered the policy is not great with high excesses.

    Is it possible to get an additional Buildings insurance so I'm not too affected by the blocks poor claims history?

    I tried with my contents insurance provider and they told me no, it's illegal, but I can't find anything to verify that.

    Any advice would be very much appreciated - thanks!

    You cannot insure the same "Item" with 2 insurance companies. Same as you can't insure the same car with 2 insurance companies.

    Of course it's illegal, as it would be considered to be a scam to eventually claim for the same problem with 2 insurance companies.

    Poor block claims history.
    If it has a poor claims history, then in any event, you would HAVE to divulge ALL the history claims to another insurance company, and you wont be able to get those historic / previous claims, as those will be held with the Managing Company or Managing agent, and those two companies will be getting quotes for the next financial year, and all based on the previous claims.

    The more claims you have on a policy, the higher the excess will be, hence the high excess you have now, and possible reduction in cover because of that.


      No it's not illegal but would have no benefit as each party would try to pass liability to the other in event of a claim and you would still have to pay your share of the block insurance .
      THere are many circumstances where a car would be insured twice with different companies but I can't see any advantage for the OP unless you can get excess cover.


        Thanks for your replies - there is no suggestion I would want to claim twice - that of course would be fraudulent.

        The only advantage is say in the case of a leak with the current block insurance there is a £1500 excess which makes me feel like I'm largely unprotected from the risk.

        If I could double insure with another firm that provided a much lower excess (based on the fact I've personally never made a claim for a leak) then I would at least have peace of mind for that eventuality, which I guess is why we have insurance in the first place.

        So if it's not illegal, I guess I'm looking at the practicality of that....


          It's a big problem with flats, where one person's lack of maintenance can affect the lot and £1500 excess is not excessive these days !
          I don't think you would obtain suitable buildings insurance for one flat alone as there are too many difficulties.
          If you suffered damage from an upstairs leak they would expect you to claim from the block insurance I think, so the only benefit would be if you caused damage to the flat below, so you might save them £1500.
          It also depends on your management rules as to who pays the excess anyway...


            Thanks for that - I've struggled to find many that knowingly double insure - one said they would but I didn't feel confident that the information I was given was accurate. They did say they would only insure my flat - so if I leaked downstairs, they wouldn't cover anything apart from the damage in my own flat.

            As for the way that the excess is handled, I have no idea - the directors and management company are not exactly communicative or transparent!


              Can you not go for the RTM and get your own better cover for a fraction of the cost ?


                Is that right to manage? I don't know a great deal about this stuff to be honest - we currently have a property management company plus a company that owns the freehold (of which I own a share) with two directors. I believe both the directors own flats on the estate.

                Even if we did - I'm not sure how easy it would be to get something cheaper or better as I assume we've had a poor claims history?? Due to lack of transparency I don't really have any exact info on claims history or what efforts they've made to find something cheaper.

                Do you know if there are any simpler steps to find this sort of thing out? As a share holder is there any kind of freedom of information request I could make?


                  Ah, in that case it sounds like you already have some control but you should be having regular meetings and consultations on budgets etc.
                  The high excess may be something you have to live with and can help as a deterrent to flat owners putting in small claims.
                  One of the many joys of leasehold flat ownership.....


                    Double insurance is not illegal but not recommended as each insurer will tell you you are covered by the other. What you can get is back-up insurance, that is insurance which covers you if the landlord's insurance is inadequate or the landlord fails to insure.


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