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    Moneysupermarket- not impressed

    This is probably not news but I am not sure they have the consumer’s best financial interests at heart. My standard AST rented terraced house was covered with Endsleigh, who sent me a renewal quote which was more than double this year’s. So I went to money supermarket and all the quotes were as high as Endsleigh’s or more. I then went to Direct Line and renewed for the same price as this year. Funnily enough Direct Line was not amongst the providers quoted 🤔

    Direct Line dont pay commissions to these "quote search" websites so they can offer lower premiums. It just involves extra work by the consumer - who on average are too lazy.

    Perhaps not with the current energy crisis, but energy companies who don't pay commission are not auto included in results either and you have to tick to search for these - who don't have an auto switch with the advertising website.
    My views are my own - you may not agree with them. I tend say things as I see them and I don't do "political correctness". Just because we may not agree you can still buy me a pint lol


      They were caught put selling car insurance for more through the comparison sites so perhaps they've changed their business model to put it on house insurance instead. This year my car insurance was cheaper through a comparison site, last year it wasn't.


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      • Reply to Empty flat insurance
        by ashburnham
        This shouldn't be a problem for any good landlord insurance broker. Obviously it is quite common for a property to become vacant between tenants.

        We have schemes that give you full cover or restricted cover and for 30, 60, 90, however many days is required. You just pick the option that...
        20-10-2021, 10:35 AM
      • Empty flat insurance
        My tenant has moved out and the property will be empty for a few weeks while we redecorate. Every quote I try to get online seems to default to a rented insurance.
        Does anyone have any recommendations for empty insurance only?

        18-10-2021, 22:37 PM
      • Reply to Empty flat insurance
        by jpucng62
        Most LL insurance will give you 30 days empty cover &/or default to a lower level of cover (FLEE) whilst empty. Otherwise use a commercial broker who should be able to give you empire property insurance.
        20-10-2021, 06:58 AM
      • Reply to Newbie - Landlord insurance question
        by flyingfreehold
        it is of no use to you. The cover is designed to include carpets curtains possibly furniture and chadeliers as might be found in the common parts of a block of flats.. The standard amount included is £50,000; although mostly landlord common parts contents will be a tiny fraction of such a figure. It...
        19-10-2021, 01:38 AM
      • Newbie - Landlord insurance question
        by Borisko
        Hi everyone, I'm trying to renew my landlord insurance and starting to wonder if some of the things I ticked before are so relevant. Can anyone answer a dumb question please - if letting a 3 bed terraced house what essential use is insurance of "contents of common parts" or can explain this...
        18-10-2021, 15:46 PM
      • Reply to Rent guarantee insurance
        by jpucng62
        I don't have rent guarantee insurance - I think it is expensive - but I do always have legal cover. You can often get this as an add on either free or quite cheap and you only need to use it once to make it worthwhile! I did and it was!
        18-10-2021, 13:23 PM
      • Rent guarantee insurance
        by Uklondoner
        Any private landlords take rent guarantee insurance in order to cover their potential rent loss? My smart wife says it is easy to buy this kind of insurance but when you claim you will know it is not that easy... Please tell me your experience. Thanks...
        11-10-2021, 20:19 PM
      • Insurance Inflation Protection
        by Hooper
        I've renewed annually with the same insurer for past 6yrs. My policy states:

        I've been been somewhat complacent when checking my renewals and just assumed this has been applied, like it is on all my policies. Unfortunately, now that I am making a claim it turns out that I...
        13-10-2021, 10:09 AM
      • Reply to Rent guarantee insurance
        by Uklondoner
        You can do it yourself . That is the only thing they need?
        12-10-2021, 13:27 PM
      • Reply to Rent guarantee insurance
        by Piffy
        I rang my Insurance Company to check that if my tenant did not pay my Insurance Company would pay the rent to me. They said that for them to pay me I would have to have served a Notice to Quit. What I need to know is, with my Landlord Insurance having Legal Insurance, will that policy also pay a solicitor...
        12-10-2021, 10:04 AM