Extension built by freedholder - effects on costs

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    Extension built by freedholder - effects on costs

    Any advice would be much appreciated. The freeholder of my leasehold flat has one of the floors for his flat. He has recently built an extension and also a big shed. Do I have to pay for any increased insurance costs - or premiums on damage to these new areas. Or do I continue to pay a proportion of the costs. My lease is a bit crap and only says ‘fair and reasonable’ and not a %. Thanks.

    The extension and also a big shed belongs to the leaseholder of that flat, and is not for common use.
    The flat owner pays for ALL repairs and mainenence of those two items.

    Also, does your lease allow you to have use of ALL the garden, and now you cant use that part of the garden where the extension and shed is ?
    If so, the freeholder has breached your lease by stealing parts of the garden, which he is not allowed to do without the other leaseholders permision, AND he must pay for the ground he has taken, in the form of paying for a revised lease / deed of variation to his and your lease.


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