Rent guarantee insurance- local authority tenant

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    Rent guarantee insurance- local authority tenant

    im planning to rent my property, to a local authority tenant. The reference checks were done by the local authority. Therefore, how can I buy landlords rent guarantee insurance? Had anyone else been in the same situation ?

    No-one is going to insure that risk, as it is almost a certainty.


      Nothing you are doing is wise.
      Local authority????
      Not choosing your own tenants?
      Having someone else do and interpret reference checks?
      Thinking that rent guarantee insurance is going to somehow save you?

      Yes there are others in the "same situation" - they end up tens of thousands of £ poorer, with grey hairs, heart attacks and a different view of life.

      As JK0 says, insurers do not insure against inevitable disaster, except at a very high premium


        You don't need rent guarantee insurance if the tenant is a local authority.

        You may want it for a tenant who works for a company at risk of closing or has to downsize its employees.


          Op said the tenant is a local authority tenant, so I took that to mean he is renting to a tenant found by the local authority. I might have misinterpreted though.

          Perhaps Op can clarify.


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            I very much doubt ALL insurers have exactly the SAME rules a processes over occupation
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            Try to recover your repair costs from adjacent flat owner using the Small Claims Court.
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            I have just been told by my insurance agent that current insurance company have refused to insure again due to the illegal occupiers currently living there. He said of all the others he contacted only one would give a quote - this was hugely inflated and had exclusions which I am not happy about....
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            by pebblepebble
            Because two different solicitors have not suggested that course of action. Eviction is currently in progress and the current insurers are paying for that.

            The tenants were living there for the first three months of missed rent (and the brother was staying with them). We had all the excuses,...
            16-01-2021, 17:18 PM
          • Reply to Insurance problem
            by DPT57
            If the tenants are not living there, you could have served a common law Notice to Quit to end their tenancy 10 months ago. Unless the current occupiers can show that they have a valid sub-tenancy, they would be trespassers and could have been removed then. Why has it taken all this time?
            16-01-2021, 16:52 PM
          • Reply to Insurance problem
            by pebblepebble
            They were given the keys by the tenant's brother who stayed on for a while after the tenants moved. No rent paid for over 10 months.

            Edited to add tenants moved out last June....
            15-01-2021, 19:15 PM
          • Reply to Insurance problem
            by theartfullodger
            How " illegal occupiers """? How did they gain access please? Who permitted it, who provided keys (or not..), and have you accepted rent from them or not, please?
            15-01-2021, 19:05 PM
          • Reply to Insurance problem
            by pebblepebble
            No it wasn't me, this is my only post on the subject and I only found out today. It's not a rent to rent scheme or HMO just two men living there who aren't the tenants.

            Yes to the eviction process - I had the review hearing this week and waited three months for that. The insurance company...
            15-01-2021, 17:48 PM