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    Buildings & Contents Insurance - Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a broker / insurance provider? I have a 1st floor property with 4 flats.

    I'm looking for recommendations on who provided a fair quote but also any recommendations on companies who actually paid out a claim promptly / fairly.

    Thank You

    i dont think we are allowed to recommend anyone one here and at least not allowed to mention any company names -

    I would choose wisely and read the small print -

    I would strongly advise you take legal cover as well but from my experience it took them over six months for it to go to the legal section and then a further 4 months for a reply !!! in the end just used my solicitor and paid upfront - they just said the landlords secton was 'busy'


      Take a look at the LandlordZONE Insurance Directory for a list of providers.
      Steve Smith - Company Director at a leading Landlord Insurance broker with 20+ years experience in the industry
      LandlordZONE Verified Poster and Topic Expert for Landlords Insurance since 2009
      See my profile for contact details


        Thank you steve


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