Rent Receivable or rent guarantee insurance

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    Rent Receivable or rent guarantee insurance

    My insurance was coming up for renewal and what I thought was "Rent Receivable insurance" or "Rent Guarantee insurance" was actually something else (I have 'Loss of rent insurance' which covers rent in the unlikely scenario my property has fire/flood damage). My insurance is due for renewal soon so that's how I found out the difference when speaking to them on the phone to get a better quote.

    Can you get this "Rent Receivable insurance" or "Rent Guarantee insurance" anywhere?

    Is it just temporarily suspended from all providers until this virus is gone?

    Any information would be great. Simply Business (suppliers on compare the market and money supermarket) advise this is suspended and all major ones I've checked don't seem to do it at the moment. I would be keen to have this for piece of mind and would have it even after this annoying virus is defeated.

    Yes, temporarily suspended by a lot (if not all) providers due to the current situation.
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