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    Burnt out shell next door


    Sorry if this is a bit off topic, I couldn't see a more relevant one.

    I live in a maisonette in a row above a parade of shops. My neighbors, directly adjoining, had a nasty house-fire that gutted the place but luckily nobody was injured. We were lucky enough to only have smoke damage and just absorbed the cleanup costs ourselves.

    Its now three months down the line and there is still a large pile of fire damaged waste right outside the property, the lower level has been boarded up but the upper level is completely open to the elements. One side of the property ifaces onto a shared walkway, a deck access leading to one of the sets of stairs down to ground level, it looks pretty dangerous.

    The landlord has been actively avoiding talking to us and seems to have no plans to clear up the mess or to repair/make safe the building. We are now starting to see signs of mould/water damage on our adjoining wall.

    The local council has said as it is private they cant do much to help us.

    Any advice would be gratefully accepted, we would like to move on but as things stand selling is not an option.

    Sorry for the long post, thanks.

    AST or Long Lease?


      Are you in a London Borough or a Unitary Authority area? If so the council can do something if it is dangerous of if it is an eyesore. If not, you have two councils and I'm not sure which one is responsible for each of these functions.

      Dangerous structures are handled by building control. Eyesores are handled by issuing community protection notices under ASB law, on the grounds that it is detrimental to the public amenity. In the latter case, three people complaining is supposed to force the council to review the situation.


        You should ask your local MP to raise the problem with your local council.


          Thanks for the replies. I am in south Bucks.
          The neighbors are leaseholders and are related to the freeholder. I am talking to locals in order to get as many complaints as possible lodged with the local authority and to write to the local MP. I have also raised the issue on the fixmystreet app, flagged as flytipping (the large pile of waste just left to fester outside the property).

          I will see how things go with these approaches and will post any progress or otherwise back here.

          Thanks again!


            For many councils, FixMyStreet just emails the standard contact centre address. Some councils refuse to take email reports, and insist you use their web form.

            Councils can't clear fly tips on private land. Reports via FMS are likely to be rejected on that basis. When I last did this, I think it was a litter control notice you needed to get them to issue, to the private landowner. They may have replaced by community protection notices.


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