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    Employers Liability

    hi again. How important is it for an RTM company with 4 directors who don't employ anyone to have Employers Liability in place? I've been told its a 'very grey area'! Are the directors employess of the limited company? My broker is not pushing us to have this but another broker was?

    If your building has a "block of flats insurance policy" , you may find the insured cover includes "building re-instatement" plus "public liability" and "employee liability" thrown in at no extra charge. .

    Public liability cover is good in case a slate falls off your roof and hits a passing car

    Employee liability cover is good in case the weekly cleaner falls down the stairs and claims against you for industrial injury.


      Weekly cleaners are normally self employed.

      You will need this insurance if you ever change the light bulbs yourself, etc. It applies to volunteers, as well as paid employees.


        The directors are indeed employees of the Limited Company. If there is more than one director/employee in the Limited Company then it is a legal obligation to have Employers Liability Insurance. This is not a "grey area", you must have this cover by law.

        How you get it is entirely up to you. Usually the best thing you can do in your circumstances is to take out your Landlord Insurance policy in the Limited Company name with an Insurer that extends its cover to include Employers Liability Insurance. This is probably the "grey area" you are referring to as you will find a lot of insurers will not have this cover or understand your requirements. It is probably best to speak to an Insurance Broker to try and help you obtain the right policy.

        Alternatively you can take out whatever Landlord Insurance policy you want and then obtain a separate Liability Insurance policy for the Limited Company. This will probably work out more expensive in the long run but obviously depends on your circumstances.
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          As stated elsewhere the excess comes from the service charge as landlord insures comprehensively.
          Anyone who has a claim denied due to lack of negligence or act of God needs to find a new insurer.
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