Building insurance combined with D&O Officers

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    Building insurance combined with D&O Officers

    Its insurance renewal season! so I have been hunting around for a better deal, so far being told best to combine D&O insurance with the building insurance however who is this better for - the broker as they get a commission or is it best to get separate quotations and policies as the lease does not allow the recovery of D&O insurance? All thoughts and your experiences welcome? The excesses seem high as well £400 for water escape?

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  • Lift insurance
    by Hazzer
    Seceral years ago, I was assured by a broker that the public liability element in the buildings insurance for a block of flats would cover injuries caused by malfunction of the lift. This week, I have been told that this is not the case, and that a separate engineering policy was necessary. Could...
    06-11-2019, 13:33 PM
  • Reply to Lift insurance
    by Gordon999
    I think lifts are legally required to be checked every 6 months and the lift is usually covered under a maintenance contract.

    A "block of flats" insurance policy should included cover for "public liability" for accidents....
    19-11-2019, 10:40 AM
  • Flat let to students
    by ashintoms

    I am planning to let out my flat to 2 students. I am really getting confused with several policies online . I do have the following with me

    1 ) Building insurance for block
    2 ) I took out another policy from which is TENANTED PROPERTY INSURANCE...
    15-11-2019, 08:18 AM
  • Employers Liability
    by roxytoo
    hi again. How important is it for an RTM company with 4 directors who don't employ anyone to have Employers Liability in place? I've been told its a 'very grey area'! Are the directors employess of the limited company? My broker is not pushing us to have this but another broker was?
    09-11-2019, 08:12 AM
  • Reply to Employers Liability
    by ashburnham
    The directors are indeed employees of the Limited Company. If there is more than one director/employee in the Limited Company then it is a legal obligation to have Employers Liability Insurance. This is not a "grey area", you must have this cover by law.

    How you get it is entirely...
    11-11-2019, 11:28 AM
  • Reply to Employers Liability
    by leaseholder64
    Weekly cleaners are normally self employed.

    You will need this insurance if you ever change the light bulbs yourself, etc. It applies to volunteers, as well as paid employees.
    09-11-2019, 10:20 AM
  • Reply to Employers Liability
    by Gordon999
    If your building has a "block of flats insurance policy" , you may find the insured cover includes "building re-instatement" plus "public liability" and "employee liability" thrown in at no extra charge. .

    Public liability cover is good in case...
    09-11-2019, 10:17 AM
  • RTM and insurance
    by roxytoo
    Hi We have won the RTM a block of 5 flats with a commercial unit on ground floor. We have set up a limited company. I am trying to sort out the insurance as the existing insurance will be cancelled in a few weeks when we take over. Sorry if this has been asked before but I can't find a definitive answer....
    07-11-2019, 09:58 AM
  • Reply to RTM and insurance
    by Gordon999
    The existing insurance policy may be restricted to claims only from the named policy holder.

    The RTM company has a legal right to manage the building and can purchase a new insurance policy at competitive price for "block of flats policy " or "Commercial building policy"....
    07-11-2019, 21:21 PM
  • Reply to RTM and insurance
    by roxytoo
    I have tried to get them to carry on with the existing insurance but they say no, it automatically gets cancelled the day we take over
    07-11-2019, 11:09 AM