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    Question regarding insurance

    I would like to ask if you have any experiance with Direct Line insurance for landlords? I am thinking of buing their insurance (building, legal expenses, rent guarantee).
    Is it worth recommending? What is your experiance regarding handling claims etc?

    I will appriciate your opinion. Thanks.

    I have that firm for home, motor & landlord insurance. You should only buy this if you are fairly certain you won't need to claim. I've had one home & one motor claim with them years ago. The motor claim was okay. For the home one, I had to threaten to sue.


      I had that firm before. One massive issue for me was they did not insure "students". When one of my tenants age 53 became a postgraduate PhD student it precipitated a crisis where my insurance became invalid mid-term.

      One problem with insurance these days is that there is no thinking or assessing - it is all based on algorithms and simplistic answers to questions that deals with the 75% in the middle. This company would represent an example of that approach.

      Never rely on rent guarantee insurance anyway - if you really need that you probably need better tenant selection.


        I got a quote from Direct Line, but they have always been more expensive.

        The best way to compare insurance companies, is to download their policy documents. Compare the cover side by side. In particular pay attention to what they don't cover. Don't waste time, by comparing prices, because that is no indication of quality. Does it cover malicious damage by the tenant? Have a look at the Defaqto rating (not always accurate indicator).

        Make sure you take on extras such as legal cover.


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          I own ground floor flat in maisonette and own share of freehold with the upstairs neighbor. we both own the share of freehold.

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        • Reply to Washing Machine leak
          There's nothing stopping you making a claim, it doesn't cost a lot and it's possible the upstairs tenant might settle or at least make an offer to avoid court.
          Same if you get a solicitor to send a letter making the claim.

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          If you can prove it, your chances would be very different.

          Nothing you have posted so far has indicated that you have proof, just a (strong) belief that the vibration was the cause of the problem with the pipe and that the vibration was due to the washing machine being incorrectly bala...
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          I don't think it's hard to prove negligence, I'd say that it's next to impossible.

          Even though i can prove the washing machine has not been set up properly ( ie vibration and shaking ) and vibration was the reason waster pipe was broken and cause a leak

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        • Reply to insurance by Ocaso through my freeholder (local authority) - is it enough?
          JamesHopeful did you ever get to a satisfactory arrangement?

          7 years later and the issue is still presenting difficulties. My wife is a Local Council Leaseholder who is subletting her flat. Her Council's Block Buidings Insurance Policy is also with Ocaso. Surprisingly it is less favourable...
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        • Reply to Washing Machine leak
          I don't think it's hard to prove negligence, I'd say that it's next to impossible.

          It's never happened before and pipes do leak.

          A solicitors letter might get the upstairs neighbour to make some kind of offer regardless....
          06-10-2019, 14:04 PM
        • Reply to Washing Machine leak
          Normally the insurance company will only allow the named policy holder to make a claim under their insurance policy.

          So you must claim the cost of repair under your own flat's policy if the "joint freeholders" are not covered under a separate insurance policy for the entire building...
          05-10-2019, 22:03 PM
        • Reply to Washing Machine leak
          Just put the whole problem in your insurer's lap. Maybe upstairs can be persuaded to reimburse your excess if you ask politely.
          05-10-2019, 19:47 PM