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    Previous reference check

    Hi everyone, my tenants were referenced last year and they want to extend another year, do I have to reference them again before I sign another year or previous references would be fine ? Has anyone experienced like this? Would be grateful for any suggestion. Thanks

    ive never done a re-referencing myslef - so long as as they are paying rent and no problems I woudlt think it necessary unless the mortgage or insurance requires it or if its something special to your tenancy

    was everything ok last time ?


      Thanks for your reply, it was ok last time.


        with you saying they want to extend to another year is this an AST rollover tenacy ? some insurance companies would require references as part of the small print so double check it i were you - wouldnt like to land you in it but ive never had to re reference them myself


          Thanks for info as I have found I have to re reference them.


            Why do you want to sign for another year? The normal advice is to let the tenancy go periodic.

            There is no statutory requirement to reference at all, and no statutory definition of what constitutes an acceptable result of referencing. Insurers and lenders may impose contractual requirements, and councils may impose local rules as part of licensing.


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              6 months rent up front for a 6 month tenancy is the best guarantee in my book. Then s21 notice & standing order form at 4 month point.
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              Hi AndrewDod,
              Thanks for your advise.
              I know many experienced landlords, do not like rent guarantee insurance.
              They are a lot better judging and selecting their tenants.
              But being a novice, I am worried about the potential eviction costs, and bad tennats etc.

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              This makes no sense. Why would an insurer insure against something that is predictable and nearly inevitable. Well they might, but the premium might approach the total annual rent for a one year premium.

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