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    I know An electrical installation condition report (EICR is generally done for the communal hallways. I am not sure about flat owners getting this done to their own flats. I have never received such a request. You need to see the policy wording to check if this is a requirement. May be they should have chosen a different insurer, is this is a requirement.

    With insurance going up. Did they have a surveyor look at the re-build value for the blocks? They should have made this available for people on request. It is normal every few years, to carry out such a survey.


      Interesting. I think I’ll ask when it was done, by who and when the next one is due. I’ve never seen it do I just ask?



        Have you made a written request to freeholder or managing agent by "recorded delivery post" for a "summary of the insured cover" under the buildings insurance policy as I suggested in post 7 ? , This information must be given to you within 30 days and failure to comply , it becomes a criminal offence . Here is a draft letter.

        Dear Sir,

        I am leaseholder of flat no. ? at building street address . My mortgage lender has requested details of the buildings insurance policy for the block of flats.

        Please send me the summary of insured covered under the buildings insurance policy within 30 days for complying to the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 .

        Please confirm the "policy holder" includes the freeholder and leaseholders which is a requirement of the lease .

        Yours sincerely,



          Originally posted by Dazvader View Post
          So it should be commercial?
          All flats insurance policies are commercial that is how they get away with some of the dodgy commissions, if they were residential ordinary home insurance they could not do this!



            I just asked the managing agent and he sent me a long pdf with the ‘policy wording’ which seems generic for our type of policy and a 1 page flat owner certificate. Is that what I should expect to receive? The certificate has the insurance company name, the broker, the free holders name, value the building and communal contents are insured for. The policy does not include the leaseholders names. It says business description: property owner too.


              Originally posted by Stacker View Post

              All flats insurance policies are commercial that is how they get away with some of the dodgy commissions, if they were residential ordinary home insurance they could not do this!
              I thought there was residential, block and commercial?



                I emailed the broker who said for Data Protection reasons they can’t answer any questions about the policy?!


                  Originally posted by Stacker View Post

                  All flats insurance policies are commercial that is how they get away with some of the dodgy commissions, if they were residential ordinary home insurance they could not do this!
                  This is one of the reasons for me looking Into whether there’s a difference between block insurance and commercial and whether there have been any kickbacks and if so where is the commission. I’m also wanting to make sure we’re not over insured purely for the benefit of the freeholder who owns several flats and rents them out and potentially as a result we needed additional cover. One of the blocks in the building may be a S57 HMO


                    Are you a leaseholder? You have the right to see the insurance policy and documents, make the request on the freeholder or managing agent. They have to comply


                      Yes a leaseholder. I have done that and have a copy of an insurance certificate and a policy document that seems like it’s just a generic policy wording doc that every policy holder would get for this type of policy. It’s called ‘complete property owner’. Policy wording.The certificate doesn’t have much detail on it.


                        So ask to make an appointment at the office who is holding the information and go and inspect it.


                          I've had a quick skim read of this topic. A fellow Owner and I decided to arrange the insurance for our block as we felt we weren't getting value for money through our Managing Agent. For several years now, I have arranged the insurance through a Broker and been furnished with the Policy Conditions, etc, from the Insurer (via the Broker). In turn, I forward it to the Managing Agent for reference. We are not obliged to produce an EICR certificate but we are obliged to obtain an annual electrical inspection of the communal lighting, i.e. the emergency lighting that it remains on for 3 hours without an electrical power. However, depending on the age of your property, I suspect an Insurer may ask for it as the communal wiring may be aged or your main Landlord fuse board may not be compliant with the current regs, e.g. each fuse is clearly labelled. Hope this helps.


                            Thanks for that input. Is your policy classed as a block policy or commercial. Do you have things like loss of rent, terrorism cover etc. What about policy excess for any claims and who’s liable to pay the excess in the event of any claims? Thanks for your help.


                              I don't think the insurer cares who pays the excess. Typically it would be the person who would have to pay if there had been no insurance.

                              It is generally impossible to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order without having an EICR, as the risk assessment will normally require you to get one.


                                Originally posted by Gordon999 View Post
                                Yes, you can ask both the broker and the insurance company to declare what commission is paid under your building insurance policy.

                                If they are not willing to disclose , then suggest you may report to FCA which is the regulator and supervisor for financial products in UK. customers

                                They won’t answer any questions as I’m not named on the policy. Data Protection.


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                                • Reply to Lift insurance
                                  by Gordon999
                                  I think lifts are legally required to be checked every 6 months and the lift is usually covered under a maintenance contract.


                                  A "block of flats" insurance policy should included cover for "public liability" for accidents....
                                  19-11-2019, 10:40 AM
                                • Lift insurance
                                  by Hazzer
                                  Seceral years ago, I was assured by a broker that the public liability element in the buildings insurance for a block of flats would cover injuries caused by malfunction of the lift. This week, I have been told that this is not the case, and that a separate engineering policy was necessary. Could...
                                  06-11-2019, 13:33 PM
                                • Flat let to students
                                  by ashintoms

                                  I am planning to let out my flat to 2 students. I am really getting confused with several policies online . I do have the following with me

                                  1 ) Building insurance for block
                                  2 ) I took out another policy from which is TENANTED PROPERTY INSURANCE...
                                  15-11-2019, 08:18 AM
                                • Employers Liability
                                  by roxytoo
                                  hi again. How important is it for an RTM company with 4 directors who don't employ anyone to have Employers Liability in place? I've been told its a 'very grey area'! Are the directors employess of the limited company? My broker is not pushing us to have this but another broker was?
                                  09-11-2019, 08:12 AM
                                • Reply to Employers Liability
                                  by ashburnham
                                  The directors are indeed employees of the Limited Company. If there is more than one director/employee in the Limited Company then it is a legal obligation to have Employers Liability Insurance. This is not a "grey area", you must have this cover by law.

                                  How you get it is entirely...
                                  11-11-2019, 11:28 AM
                                • Reply to Employers Liability
                                  by leaseholder64
                                  Weekly cleaners are normally self employed.

                                  You will need this insurance if you ever change the light bulbs yourself, etc. It applies to volunteers, as well as paid employees.
                                  09-11-2019, 10:20 AM
                                • Reply to Employers Liability
                                  by Gordon999
                                  If your building has a "block of flats insurance policy" , you may find the insured cover includes "building re-instatement" plus "public liability" and "employee liability" thrown in at no extra charge. .

                                  Public liability cover is good in case...
                                  09-11-2019, 10:17 AM
                                • Reply to RTM and insurance
                                  by Gordon999
                                  The existing insurance policy may be restricted to claims only from the named policy holder.

                                  The RTM company has a legal right to manage the building and can purchase a new insurance policy at competitive price for "block of flats policy " or "Commercial building policy"....
                                  07-11-2019, 21:21 PM
                                • RTM and insurance
                                  by roxytoo
                                  Hi We have won the RTM a block of 5 flats with a commercial unit on ground floor. We have set up a limited company. I am trying to sort out the insurance as the existing insurance will be cancelled in a few weeks when we take over. Sorry if this has been asked before but I can't find a definitive answer....
                                  07-11-2019, 09:58 AM
                                • Reply to RTM and insurance
                                  by roxytoo
                                  I have tried to get them to carry on with the existing insurance but they say no, it automatically gets cancelled the day we take over
                                  07-11-2019, 11:09 AM