Patio window breakage

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    Patio window breakage

    Whilst sorting out our garden at the weekend, the strimmer caught a random pebble and flicked it at the patio door, fragmenting the pane of glass from top to bottom. Our contents insurer told us that this comes under building insurance, whilst our lettings agency say that this is not considered accidental damage. They won't provide proof of policy wording and just say that they've spoken to the NLA who advise it's not the landlord's responsibility.

    Is this right / do they need to provide proof of policy / are we as tenants responsible, etc.?

    The exact position is probably, the window is the landlord's responsibility to repair and they would be entitled to reclaim their unforeseen loss from you as you are responsible for it.

    The insurance picture depends on what the individual policies say, and the landlord doesn't have to claim the cost on their insurance (and I wouldn't either because I'd want you to pay for the damage and not risk my policy premiums going up).

    Replacement window panels aren't usually expensive (unless its a particularly complicated door) and the simplest and cheapest thing might be to simply offer to sort out the replacement (at the very least you'll know you're paying what the job actually costs).
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