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    Insrance cover for leaseholder

    Hello, I inherited a
    flat in a typical terraced street, I also am the leaseholder for the upstairs flat, I receive no benefit for this I think the term is peppercorn lease. I have asked D Line for a quote on the flat I own and they have quoted me for this but they said I have to have cover for the upstairs flat which I don't own but have the lease on. Is this correct and if so can I ask the people who own the upstairs flat to contribute to my insurance? Quite confused with this? Appreciate any pointers please...

    This only makes some sense if you are the freeholder.

    There is an unusual arrangement, in part of the North East, where two parties are own the leaseholds of the flat where they live and the freehold of the other flat. Are you in that party of the country, and specifically where.

    Elsewhere, you would likely be freeholder for the whole building and responsible for building insurance, but, typically, with a lease for the other flats, allowing you to recover a share of the cost from them.


      Sorry I worded that poorly, I own the freehold for both properties. So my question still holds, can I ask the owner of the other flat to pay towards the insurance is this a legal request? Not sure I understand leases at all if I own it but get nothing for it and I have to pay their building insurance, seems I might as well just give them the freehold?


        Only if the other lease says you can.


          Just to clarify. If the lease doesn't make anyone responsible for arranging the insurance, any party to it can go to the tribunal to force a change, but if it simply leaves the freeholder responsible for paying, you are likely to need unanimous agreement to change it.


            The holder of freehold title is legal owner of the entire building. The freeholder should be the insurer of the building.

            The leaseholder of each flat is holding the property under a lease (= long term rental tenant known as leaseholder )

            Inside the lease, one of the clauses will say the lessee ( leaseholder ) agrees to contribute 50% to the maintenance cost of the building ( including building insurance cover ) .

            Do your lease show this ?


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              that's the rent guarantee insurance we use and which has worked for us for many years....
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              No 7.1 will not likely stand up in court. You cannot have open ended guarantor deeds that apply in this way robustly.

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              To jpkeates
              This is not about zero-risk option. The part which I do not like the most is that I become tenant-dependant for buying insurance.
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              They may not allow to run re-referencing...
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              To AndrewDod
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              I think you're looking for a zero-risk option, but property letting is an investment business with risk baked in.
              I don't blame you! But I think you're going to struggle.

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              If a guarantor agreement is valid at all (which is a BIG if) it is not going to be valid past the initial fixed term (no matter what it says) - so as much use as non-stick Sellotape or Jeremy Corbyn....
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              I doubt anyone in this town has ten years rent. I’m obviously being Uber selective on tenants , but I also wondered about guarantors as well. Does a guarantor have the absolute obligation to cover rent defaults or can they avoid paying as well?...
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