Damage to my property insurance claim

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    Damage to my property insurance claim

    The owner of the next door property has recently crashed his car into brick wall in front of my house. He demolished the whole of the front garden.
    I would like to get compensation from his insurance policy.
    Will my insurance premium go up if I proceed with the claim through my insurer who would then liase with his ? I was first told that it wont affect me but now they say I will need to pay the excess and my premium will go up .
    I am very confused by that specially that I have already agreed to start the process through my insurer.
    ( the owner has still not acknowledged 3rd party damage to his insurer and also tried to offer me cash but I refused it).

    Please advise what a process to get a compensation should look like ?

    It is up to next door property to pay to fix the damage.

    Where he gets the money from to fix is immaterial.
    The cost for You to engage builders to rectify the damage comes from 3 sources.
    1) next door property pays your builders quote, in advance.
    2) His insurance liaises with you to pay for the damage.
    3) You notify your insurers to go after him personally or through his insurers. And any excess payments by you is claimed by your insurance from his insurance.

    It looks like he will not claim on his insurance, therefore you will have to sue him through the courts ( no insurance company involvement )

    Get a builder to quote for all repairs, and send a copy to next door, stating that if payment is not received within 14 days, you will take him to court, and the stating price for solicitors to instigate will be approx £2000.- on top of your claim.
    ( You of course do not employ solicitors, but it means if he does not pay, his cost "could be" £ 2000 greater ) and my make him pay.

    Try that first.


      What Ram said.

      I've come to the conclusion that home insurers would love you to claim with them for damage others have done... Think about it... they get full compensation from the insurers of the miscreant, but only pay you out (compensation-excess). Then for the next few years, they can increase your premium.


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        I think you know the answers, don't you Paul?

        Legally, no. Morally, yes....
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