Landlord Insurance - Which type of cover?

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    Landlord Insurance - Which type of cover?

    I have a question about my landlord insurance which I am about to renew.
    My flat is located in a converted house (8 flats in total).
    There is a Right to Manage in place and a management company looks after the block including renewal of building insurance.

    As a landlord I would like to be covered for the followings and therefore I am buying an extra insurance for my flat.

    - Landlord/owner liability: in case one of my tenants or a visitor get injured whilst in my property;
    - Loss of rent: in case the flat becomes inhabitable and I need to re-house the tenants somewhere else;
    - Should a sink/washing machine or an internal water pipe leak and cause damage to the flats below mine I would like to be covered in this scenario. Now my understanding is that some building insurance would cover this situation but others might not. I have asked our management company/insurer about this but it is taking ages to them to come back to me therefore I prefer to be on the safe side. What should I request when buying a landlord insurance to be protected against this event?

    Would anyone be able to suggest an insurance broker to arrange this?

    thanks a lot.

    Try Direct Line.


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