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    Unoccupied Insurance

    Hi Guys

    Im due to exchange on a house next week which will be unoccupied for around six weeks for redecoration.

    any ideas for who I can get a reasonable quote for unoccupied insurance or landlords insurance that covers a period of unoccpation, whilst still offering rent guarantee whilst rented out ...

    Ive used direct line on my other properties but they won't touch this one due to high risk of flooding .

    many thanks.

    Most of the insurers we provide to our customers allow an inital period of unoccupancy before it is let (normally a 60 days period but can be more or less depending on the insurer used). I obviously can't speak for other insurers/brokers but your scenario is extremely common and it does seem like it is the norm for this sort of policy so I don't think your redecorating should cause any problems.

    The high risk of flooding is more likely your problem. Without knowing full details of your property (in particular, the postcode and history of flooding at the property if any), I can't really give great help. All I can say is to contact a good broker who will spend the time looking at your specific property rather than a database of potentially risky postcodes.
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      I would be interested in your view on the following

      I received a renewal Legal & Rent Guarantee Insurance documents from Rentguard (which initiallyy I purchased through Openrent)

      There is the following condition in their 'statement of fact':
      11-07-2020, 11:59 AM
    • Reply to Rent Guarantee Insurance
      by jpkeates
      I think you're looking for a zero-risk option, but property letting is an investment business with risk baked in.
      I don't blame you! But I think you're going to struggle.

      Like all of us, the rent guarantee insurance sellers didn't see the pandemic coming, and it wasn't covered in...
      13-07-2020, 16:25 PM
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      If a guarantor agreement is valid at all (which is a BIG if) it is not going to be valid past the initial fixed term (no matter what it says) - so as much use as non-stick Sellotape or Jeremy Corbyn....
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      I doubt anyone in this town has ten years rent. I’m obviously being Uber selective on tenants , but I also wondered about guarantors as well. Does a guarantor have the absolute obligation to cover rent defaults or can they avoid paying as well?...
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      Can anyone recommend a broker / insurance provider? I have a 1st floor property with 4 flats.

      I'm looking for recommendations on who provided a fair quote but also any recommendations on companies who actually paid out a claim promptly / fairly.

      Thank You...
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    • Reply to Buildings & Contents Insurance - Recommendations
      by ashburnham
      Take a look at the LandlordZONE Insurance Directory for a list of providers.
      13-07-2020, 13:58 PM
    • Reply to Buildings & Contents Insurance - Recommendations
      by alice123
      i dont think we are allowed to recommend anyone one here and at least not allowed to mention any company names -

      I would choose wisely and read the small print -

      I would strongly advise you take legal cover as well but from my experience it took them over six months for it...
      13-07-2020, 13:47 PM
    • Reply to Rent Guarantee Insurance
      by AndrewDod
      You could take ten years of rent in advance into an escrow scheme.

      Or you could select suitable tenants....
      13-07-2020, 11:28 AM
    • Reply to Rent Guarantee Insurance
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      I’m in process of re letting my home ( it’s my only property) and the new rules and rights etc are making it all pretty risky anyway imho. However I have little choice in my situation. So I looked at rent guarantee insurance via two big rental agencies. One tried to sell me a policy with not a single...
      13-07-2020, 09:53 AM
    • Reply to Rent Guarantee Insurance
      by AndrewDod
      I guess the only point ever to insure is if

      a) You think they have calculated a too-low premiums based on the (correct) information you gave (extremely rare) so that you will statistically "win"

      b) If the event (if it occurs) will be life changing. Like medical travel...
      11-07-2020, 18:14 PM