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    I want advice not information

    Most insurance companies and brokers seem to say that they "provide information about our products and services so that you can make you own decision".

    I don't want this. I want to be able to explain my situation to a firm and for them to say "Right, based on what you have said, we recommend that you take the ZZZ policy underwritten by XXX company as it's the best fit for your situation and needs." I am happy to pay a fee rather than them earn commission for access to their expertise since I can put that down as a necessary business expense.

    Anyone know if there are firms out there that work that way ??

    If you went on to my company's website now, you would enter all your details and then be presented with a selection of quotes with all the information there for you to make your own decision. Sure the quotes will be in price order, but cover will vary and there is no way that our website (or any other insurance company/broker website) could offer you advice or recommendations. All it can do is give you every ounce of information on every policy available so that you can make your own informed decision. All sales on our website are therefore classed as "non-advised sales".

    As soon as you call up and start asking questions, whether that be right from the very beginning or after you have completed a quote on the website, you are starting to receive advice. The information collected by the professional you are speaking to enables them to provide a recommendation based on your demands and needs. This would then be an "advised sale".

    As far as I know, most firms work this way so I think you just need to call up and speak to a professional insurance advisor rather than visit websites.
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      Thanks Steve, I wasn't aware that the 'advised' route was available in General Insurance. As an IFA, all my clients receive regulated advice and I like that business model :-)


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