Building insurance-going from joined ownership to company can save you money?

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    Building insurance-going from joined ownership to company can save you money?

    I am trying to get a quote for a building insurance.

    The property is a three storeys (plus roof extension) Victorian terrace house which has been converted into three flats owned by three different people.

    The property is share of freehold where us leaseholders share the freehold jointly on the title deeds; however, one of the leaseholder says that if we were to set up a company which would own the freehold this would make our building insurance premium go down considerably.

    Has anyone experience on this?

    Thanks a lot.

    Insuring the property as a whole is the best way to go about things and will definiately give you a lower premium than insuring each flat separately. Whether you do this in joint names (i.e. with all leaseholders noted as the policyholder) or in a single company name would have no bearing on the premium.
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    • Reply to Insurance problem
      by pebblepebble
      Because two different solicitors have not suggested that course of action. Eviction is currently in progress and the current insurers are paying for that.

      The tenants were living there for the first three months of missed rent (and the brother was staying with them). We had all the excuses,...
      16-01-2021, 17:18 PM
    • Insurance problem
      by pebblepebble
      I have just been told by my insurance agent that current insurance company have refused to insure again due to the illegal occupiers currently living there. He said of all the others he contacted only one would give a quote - this was hugely inflated and had exclusions which I am not happy about....
      15-01-2021, 14:39 PM
    • Reply to Insurance problem
      by DPT57
      If the tenants are not living there, you could have served a common law Notice to Quit to end their tenancy 10 months ago. Unless the current occupiers can show that they have a valid sub-tenancy, they would be trespassers and could have been removed then. Why has it taken all this time?
      16-01-2021, 16:52 PM
    • Reply to Insurance problem
      by pebblepebble
      They were given the keys by the tenant's brother who stayed on for a while after the tenants moved. No rent paid for over 10 months.

      Edited to add tenants moved out last June....
      15-01-2021, 19:15 PM
    • Reply to Insurance problem
      by theartfullodger
      How " illegal occupiers """? How did they gain access please? Who permitted it, who provided keys (or not..), and have you accepted rent from them or not, please?
      15-01-2021, 19:05 PM
    • Reply to Insurance problem
      by pebblepebble
      No it wasn't me, this is my only post on the subject and I only found out today. It's not a rent to rent scheme or HMO just two men living there who aren't the tenants.

      Yes to the eviction process - I had the review hearing this week and waited three months for that. The insurance company...
      15-01-2021, 17:48 PM
    • Reply to Insurance problem
      by DPT57
      I think I might have replied to this question on a different forum, but in case it wasn't you. My brother-in-law had this problem when a property he had rented through a rent to rent scheme, (against my advice I hasten to add) suddenly became a licensable HMO due to a change in the local authority licensing...
      15-01-2021, 17:20 PM
    • Reply to Deposit insurance claim
      by jpucng62
      I think your agent may not have paid for the insurance - so I would suggest you ask for proof that they did or claim against them.
      15-01-2021, 14:33 PM
    • Deposit insurance claim
      by Milzee
      Hi all, first time poster here. I recently let a property and instead of placing a deposit the tenants took out deposit insurance. This is the first time I've done this. Apparently it's a new thing and becoming quite popular. I think the policy was sold to the tenants by the letting agent and the letting...
      14-01-2021, 15:06 PM
    • Reply to Deposit insurance claim
      by amy131
      Perhaps look at the agent's website and listings and you may see them promoting the scheme....
      15-01-2021, 14:28 PM