Should the building insurance cover bike theft?

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    Should the building insurance cover bike theft?


    I recently moved into a new flat in a building which has a private courtyard with a bike shed in it. I locked my bike in it.

    A couple of weeks ago, two men forced open the courtyard gate, the shed and cut the chains/locks of two bicycles, including mine.
    I did not have contents insurance at that point yet.

    I filed a report with the police, they even have the CCTV footage where at least one of the thief's can be seen clearly.

    The property management company said this would not be covered by the building insurance.

    Is there anything I could claim?
    I know for a fact that the courtyard gate was not 100% secure, and has as far as I know not been fixed after the theft.

    Thank you!

    A bike is not part of the building so there would be no cover under a buildings insurance policy. You would need some form of contents insurance to make a claim for theft of a bicycle and it sounds like you unfortunately did not have this cover in place at the time.

    If you are suggesting some form of claim against the management company for poor security then I think you will struggle. You said "forced open" the gate which suggests it wasn't wide open. Even if it was, I think ultimately the responsibility of securing and insuring your own contents ultimately lies with you.
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      Blocks of flats policies often have public liability elements as well as building elements, but there would be no liability if all reasonable measures had been taken to secure the area, and I'm not sure if the residents would count as the public.

      In the unlikely event that you exceed, expect the rapid appearance of "cycles are left at your own risk" signs.


        Thanks a lot for the responses. That's what I thought.


          Check your bank account, if you are paying a monthly 'fee' then it may include some kind of insurance, which may cover your possessions.


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