How to work out buildings sum insured on HMO's

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    How to work out buildings sum insured on HMO's

    How do you calculate buildings sum insured for HMO's please? and what are the consequences if you get it wrong - particularly if you over estimate?


    This may help you to calculate the value for insuring the property :


      I would always suggest a surveyor to give you the sum insured for insurance purposes. The calculator in above post is a good free alternative but must be only gives genrally guidance on rebuilding costs. Consequences of over estimating is that you may be overpaying on insurance premium. Consequences of under estimating is that you may have a claim payout reduced or even declined.
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      • water Leaking to downstairs flat - is my thinking correct?

        I have read the sticky posts about water leaking downstairs and insurance. I just want to make sure that I am doing this (legally) right as my situation is quite specific:

        - There was water leaking from the under boards of one of the bedroom flats to the downstairs flat...
        21-01-2019, 01:45 AM
      • Damaged front wall
        Hello and happy new year to everyone.

        I was notified in early December by my tenant, that the brick front wall in my front garden was destroyed by my next door neighbour who "accidentally" drove into it...

        I am going through process of obtaining quotes from builders...
        08-01-2019, 12:52 PM
      • Reply to Damaged front wall
        claims handler
        JK0 from your words I take it that you might have had a couple of nasty experiences with insurers. I can only talk about my experience and the companies/brokers I have personally worked with. Whilst I can appreciate your logic that at the end of the day insurance is a business and the end goal is to...
        18-01-2019, 01:25 AM
      • Reply to Damaged front wall
        I think the bit in bold is the crux of it though, isn't it? How likely are o/p's insurers to want to recover their outlay, when it is in their interests by increasing future premiums not to?

        When our block was flooded by developer next door hitting a water pipe, our next year premium indeed...
        17-01-2019, 22:59 PM
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        claims handler
        Hi Retro

        As a professional claims handler in the private rental sector and based on my experience with tenancy agreements. The standard clause usually states that rent cannot be charged if the something renders the property unfit to live-in ( this usually involves loss of bathroom facilities,...
        17-01-2019, 22:24 PM
      • Constant water leak from upstairs flat
        Leaseholder GRS
        Good evening everyone,

        Hope you all had a lovely Xmas and New Year!

        I am here for help! Basically I feel I am very unlucky, last year I had 5 or 6 bad leaks from my neighbor upstairs. The first one started in March and second one came in May, then another leak in Oct, Nov and...
        15-01-2019, 23:04 PM
      • Reply to Constant water leak from upstairs flat
        claims handler
        As someone who works as a claims handler in the private rental sector. From an insurer's perspective and as per the advice from leaseholder64, the insurers will want to limit their exposure , so come renewal expect that they will either hike the premium up considerably , put an exorbitant policy excess...
        17-01-2019, 21:21 PM
      • Reply to Constant water leak from upstairs flat
        Please remove the name of the agent.

        You might want to discuss this with whoever organises the insurance, because the insurers won't be making a loss on this sort of claim; they will have upped the premium to cover what they pay out. They may even cancel the escape of water cover, and...
        16-01-2019, 00:54 AM
      • Reply to Damaged front wall
        Garden walls are not included in the statutory obligations imposed by Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. Accordingly, you will only be obliged to repair the wall if the obligation is imposed by the express terms of the tenancy.

        The tenant is not being unreasonable. After all,...
        08-01-2019, 18:17 PM
      • Reply to Damaged front wall
        There's no rule that a property border has to have a wall or a fence.
        I'd tell the tenant that if they withhold rent you would simply automatically serve notice - doesn't matter what the reason.

        And, I'd actually let the insurance company and the neighbour take care of it.
        08-01-2019, 16:40 PM