Outbuildings insurance issues.

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    Outbuildings insurance issues.

    Good day to you all, I really hope someone can help me. I have a property that I rent out, with landlords insurance in place. I also have a garage close to the property that I do not rent out I use it for my own storage purposes .
    ​​​​​​How I am finding it very difficult to get any contents cover for it. Because I don't live at the house .
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks

    Contents cover is for the occupant of the house / garage to purchase.

    As you do not live there, you wont have any contents to insure.
    Tenants get house contents insurance.
    Tenants should get contents insurance for the garage, but that wont cover a car.

    A garage not within thee grounds of the property will be difficult to get insurance for.


      Getting buildings insurance for the garage should be possible under the existing landlord insurance. We have had this several times and while some of our insurers shy away from it, others don't have an problem as long as the house and garage are on the same title deeds.

      Contents insurance is a bit trickier though. You would need to look at your own home insurance policy for this and for a section about contents away from the home. There is a chance that you will be able to get the cover you need here but be careful as this is like leaving contents in storage as such and a lot of insurers are not fans of this.
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        Hi, (asking for my brother)
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        I am not sure I agree here that it is not grey:

        Example 1: Tenant vandalises neigbours car on the street - clearly landlord is not responsible.

        Example 2: Tenant blasts a hole through the living room wall into the next property. Here I think there is a hierarchy of responsibility....
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        This should be joined with your other thread on the identical incident. Are you sure the "fee" is not for stuff that FH is not obliged to insure (your other thread). Else I cannot see how they can charge you.

        Why not ask them (in writing etc. as usual)?
        23-02-2018, 17:36 PM
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        No, he doesn't have to give them his insurance details.

        He's not liable for something his tenants did.
        He doesn't even have to have insurance (although he'd be mad not to).
        23-02-2018, 14:23 PM
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        No it does not cover smoke damage. Thanks anyway
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