Insurers requesting payment for Formal Registered Document

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    Insurers requesting payment for Formal Registered Document

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice regarding a letter I received from the management company of two properties I am the landlord of. I have been an owner of these properties for two and a half years and this company provides the Building Insurance and Ground Rent.

    I've attached the letter (with details and references redacted) but in short, the company first states that they don't have the correct preferred address for me (which they do as I've emailed them the details and received confirmation back), then they go onto request details of the AST and an admin fee for £120 to file a Formal Registered Subletting Document to 'inform the insurer of any subletting activity to save any invalidation of the policy'. Also, upon a new tenancy they will require a new Formal Registered Subletting Document (but I'm not sure if that means another £120 admin fee).

    Is it right that as a landlord I'm 'subletting' a property as they're stating? Surely that's incorrect?

    I've never received anything like this before, nor have I had any request like this for my other property (which is an entirely different management company).

    I would like to know if anyone has seen any request like this before? Is this normal? Is the £120 a valid amount for the admin fee?

    Any advice or help would be much appreciated.


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