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    Any recommendations for boiler cover

    I had a bad experience this past year with 24/7 home rescue, where they ripped me off when my boiler broke down. This was because my boiler is quite old and they deemed it beyond economical repair. I was looking into Homeserve policies as i have had good experience with their plumbing cover, but it seems they too have a BER clause.

    Can anyone recommend any other companies for boiler cover?

    British Gas are good but pricey.


      Thanks. Funnily enough, i hadn't thought about BG! Will look into it.


        British Gas are good and reliable but very pricey. When my old 30 year old boiler broke down 10 years ago they could not find parts so I had to replace with a modern. The new boiler is much more economical in fuel but will last 10 to 15 years they tell me.
        "I'll be back."


          We had BG fit our new boiler but will never allow any of their servicing engineers to look at it again. The first service the engineer turned up, said it couldn't be serviced as it had been boxed in... I epxlained that the cover slid foward, had no upward movement,. He said he couldn't do that without seeing the user manual... which they didn't leave me when it was fitted... as he would have to condemn it if he couldn't refit the panel. I told him it slid forward, he said (in a realy patronising manner) that no they ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTION lift up and the boxing prevented this. I told him I, a weak and feeble female, had fitted the boxing myself and so I was certain the boiler cover simply slid forward!

          I took the cover off for him in the end - after all it simply slides forward!

          He spent 10 minutes pfaffing at it and left. We took out insurance cover that included Homeserve and, on their first service, the engineer called me to look at 2 small plastic discs that covered 2 small holes. These, he explained, were part of the emission (or similar) testing... the fact that they were covered meant the boiler could not have been fully tested since it left the factory!

          So I complained to BG again (I did so as their engineer left as he hadn't filled me wth any confidence) and I got the usual reply - none whatsoever!

          I suspect they all have their issues and that we are doomed to cycle thropugh them, waiting to be displeased, hoping to find one that works for us


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            Many thanks for your response and I will follow this up with the FTT
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            Have you tried NFU mutual?
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            Any help please...
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            Not if you sued them directly (and succeeded).

            However, as it is too late for that, you might be able to claim the excess back off them, but I think it will be very difficult to deal with the increased premiums. It is likely that only freeholder has a right to enforce because of actions...
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