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    Cheers, I'm sure many will find that useful.

    I hate it when a software update moves things about in the User Interface, for no good reason other than 'it's a new look for a new version'.


      Originally posted by nukecad View Post
      Hopefully a bit constructive on the mobile version.

      I have noticed that the 'next page/ last page' buttons do not work at the bottom if the page but do work at the top?

      The reply edior is still being stupid in mobile mode, it keeps changing words that have already been accepted.
      I call it 'capricious text' (Opposite of predictive text, it changes it after you have typed).

      I belive that this us a known problem with vb5 mobile.
      if I view it on an iPad Pro and start selecting text with arrow keys in a quoted reply it jumps me to the bottom/top of the page. I've given up reading on it for now as it's driving me nuts.


        Originally posted by ram View Post
        list of threads I started.... Found it !

        Go to my profile, click on to "About"
        and at the bottom of your profile is LINKS ( last one in the white background )

        There you find

        Find all posts
        Find all started topics
        Find all blog entries
        Find all group topics
        Find all content
        Thanks RAM, that's it!

        Profile has my age as 1017!
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          Originally posted by theartfullodger View Post

          Thanks RAM, that's it! Profile has my age as 1017!

          I think i disabled my age, so I would not show up as old as yours shows..


            Originally posted by theartfullodger View Post
            Profile has my age as 1017!
            Well that would tie in with your new Avatar/Profile picture.


              I've noticed another glitch with the new forum software.

              It's a glitch that I've seen before in vB4, and as I recall there was a patch on the vB website to cure it.

              Occasionally when making a post the last word on a line gets posted twice.
              It seems that when the editor software puts a 'soft' linebreak in the typed text it also repeats the word.

              You don't see this in the editor, it only shows when you actually make the post.

              I've noticed it a few times with the new software here, one example-
              If you look at that on the desktop site the word 'extension' is repeated at the end of the first line and the start of the second.
              (On my phone with a smaller screen it shows twice at the start of the third line).

              At it's worst, on a different site, I've seen in the past where it did this for every line of a long post.

              PS. you may come across the suggestion on the vB forums that this is a browser display issue, it is not a browser display issue.
              If you examine the page source code you see that the word is repeated in the source code.
              (So the word will show twice in any browser that you use).

              PPS. On the mobile version the 'next page' buttons are still not working at the bottom of the page.


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