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    Trouble logging in

    Anyone had trouble logging in today?

    First thing, I was presented with the log-in screen. My memorised details did not seem to work. Also the system refused to allow me to reset my password. For a minute there, I thought I would have to register a new user name.

    Now, at 9.40, my memorised details work fine.

    Are you using Firefox?

    Firefox Version 52 made some changes to the way it handles logins to sites starting HTTP instead of the more secure HTTPS.
    (This site uses HTTP).
    For some reason it was also affecting all forums running on vBulletin or xenforo software.

    I posted about it on another forum:

    and just in case this was the problem you saw here's a solution that I found:
    Like I said above I've got the autofill of usernames and passwords in forms working now by going to about:config and toggling 'signon.autofillForms.http' from false to true.

    The actual warning notice itself and the blocking seem to be controlled by 'security.insecure_field_warning.contextual.enable d' and 'security.insecure_password.ui.enabled'.
    However if I toggle these to false to get rid of the warnings then logins are blocked altogether.
    (I suspect that this is intentional- either warning or blocked altgether).


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    • Overzealous spam control
      Wrote a post response with a link to an old thread within this forum and posted fine. Realised I linked to the thread rather than the specific post, so edited and corrected the link by removing the existing and reinserting the correct link. So still just the one link, and it's a link to another forum...
      15-01-2018, 23:21 PM
    • Post flagged as spam

      I'm a new member and have only made 1 post. It was a question about how to draw up a contract with a property investor however it's been flagged as spam. I'm not selling anything I'm just trying to get some advice.

      Can somebody take a look?

      10-01-2018, 19:42 PM
    • Reply to Post flagged as spam
      Please delete this thread, I've reworded my original enquiry as some people were mistaking it as some kind of public offer. It wasn't.
      11-01-2018, 00:03 AM
    • Reply to Post flagged as spam
      It had a distinct scam signature to me, as well.
      10-01-2018, 21:54 PM
    • Reply to Post flagged as spam
      I could read it via my RSS reader. It looks like the initiation of spam/scam to me (offering investors a 30% return in your "highly lucrative nature" investment). If you can offer investors that sort of return you can afford to hire a lawyer to draw up your contract....
      10-01-2018, 20:51 PM
    • Where has my question gone?
      Hi all
      I posted for the first time yesterday and edited my post at which point a message came up to say that it had to be checked for spam or along those lines.

      do the first few posts need to be checked by a moderator?

      05-01-2018, 08:56 AM
    • Reply to Where has my question gone?
      JK0, I see your unapproved thread in TAB, but it contains no text, perhaps a result of your edits. I can't see any point in approving it now, and that may not even work given that there's no text to it, so I suggest you try re-posting.
      05-01-2018, 20:40 PM
    • Reply to Where has my question gone?
      Thanks Moy. That's what I get too....
      05-01-2018, 16:03 PM
    • Reply to Where has my question gone?
      Jko, I can see the post title but if I click on it I get a forum message saying I do not have permission to view..
      05-01-2018, 15:50 PM
    • Reply to Where has my question gone?
      Happened to me too - no links but I included a few bad words about Scottish folk being Xenophobic. It later appeared in full.

      JK0 I can see your post on my feed, but not online (yet). It is a great post anyway -- anotjher great example of how legislators and those implementing legislation...
      05-01-2018, 15:03 PM