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  • Trouble logging in

    Anyone had trouble logging in today?

    First thing, I was presented with the log-in screen. My memorised details did not seem to work. Also the system refused to allow me to reset my password. For a minute there, I thought I would have to register a new user name.

    Now, at 9.40, my memorised details work fine.

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    Are you using Firefox?

    Firefox Version 52 made some changes to the way it handles logins to sites starting HTTP instead of the more secure HTTPS.
    (This site uses HTTP).
    For some reason it was also affecting all forums running on vBulletin or xenforo software.

    I posted about it on another forum:

    and just in case this was the problem you saw here's a solution that I found:
    Like I said above I've got the autofill of usernames and passwords in forms working now by going to about:config and toggling 'signon.autofillForms.http' from false to true.

    The actual warning notice itself and the blocking seem to be controlled by 'security.insecure_field_warning.contextual.enable d' and 'security.insecure_password.ui.enabled'.
    However if I toggle these to false to get rid of the warnings then logins are blocked altogether.
    (I suspect that this is intentional- either warning or blocked altgether).


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    • Forum Update feedback
      I just thought I would note a couple of issues with todays forum update here:
      • Where has the 'Mark all posts read'/'Mark Forums Read' button gone? (I don't want to have open every thread to remove it from the unread list).
      • Clicking on the 'Go to first new post' next to a thread title is not working
      12-07-2017, 14:53 PM
    • Reply to Forum Update feedback
      Well that would tie in with your new Avatar/Profile picture....
      20-07-2017, 00:39 AM
    • Reply to Forum Update feedback
      I think i disabled my age, so I would not show up as old as yours shows..[/SIZE]...
      19-07-2017, 18:11 PM
    • Reply to Forum Update feedback
      Thanks RAM, that's it!

      Profile has my age as 1017!...
      19-07-2017, 16:36 PM
    • Reply to Forum Update feedback
      if I view it on an iPad Pro and start selecting text with arrow keys in a quoted reply it jumps me to the bottom/top of the page. I've given up reading on it for now as it's driving me nuts....
      19-07-2017, 09:19 AM
    • Reply to Forum Update feedback
      Cheers, I'm sure many will find that useful.

      I hate it when a software update moves things about in the User Interface, for no good reason other than 'it's a new look for a new version'.
      18-07-2017, 14:03 PM
    • Reply to Forum Update feedback
      list of threads I started.... Found it !

      Go to my profile, click on to "About"
      and at the bottom of your profile is LINKS ( last one in the white background )

      There you find

      Find all posts
      Find all started topics
      Find all blog
      18-07-2017, 06:34 AM
    • Reply to Forum Update feedback
      Simpler way to see your own posts (all your posts not just the ones that you started)-
      Click on your own username in the panel on the left of any post.
      (Works with other users as well).

      If it is then showing all posts made by you and your 'friends' there is a 'Filter' option,...
      18-07-2017, 00:53 AM
    • Reply to Forum Update feedback

      In the drop down menu where you log out, click My recent posts.
      Under the words
      Search results you see
      Keywords | *Members | Tags

      Click on Members.
      Type in theartfullodger

      But I get an error, but overcome
      17-07-2017, 22:02 PM
    • Reply to Forum Update feedback
      Doesn't seem possible to see a list of threads I started: Is there a way??
      17-07-2017, 20:01 PM