Chrome browser problem with Landlordzone, anyone?

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    Chrome browser problem with Landlordzone, anyone?

    For many weeks, I've been finding that whenever I scroll down the forums here using my mouse wheel, as I always do, the screen keeps 'jumping' back to the top. I have to use the Windows slider bars down the side of the screen, until I'm a fair way down the screen, after which mouse control works fine again.

    Only happens to me with this site, and when using Chrome (Internet Explorer is fine in that regard).

    Problem sounds a bit trivial when I write it down! but it drives me nuts! Does anyone else experience it or am I on my own here?

    I thought it was just me (and my slightly borked, going in for mending next week once the college term is over, laptop)! Using Chrome on a windows 8.1 laptop.

    It's really annoying because I use the forum by going to "new posts" then clicking on the "go to most recent unread post" icon/button, but half the time I still have to scroll down half the page (three or four times because it keeps jumping).


      It happens to me on LLZ & some other sites, running Linux not Windoze....

      £5 says a fix will come out in the next month or so...

      Other browsers are available....
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        I thought it was only happening to me because I was browsing on my Tablet.


          Me too. Chrome. This site only.

          Seems to me that it happens while the page is loading.
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            I thought it was just me too and didn't say anything - windows 8
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              Ericthelobster... thank you so much.

              I have been having the same problem too. I thought it was Chrome or some infection on the system. I completely re-installed Chrome because of this issue. It only happens on LandlordZone out of the various websites I visit regularly. I cleared out all my settings on Chrome as well.

              It is not trivial - it's been driving me bonkers!

              Once the page has fully loaded then you can scroll to your heart's content... but if you open a new page / thread and start scrolling down to the latest entries, the page will jump back to the top 4, 5 or maybe 6 times before you are allowed to get to where you want.

              So very pleased that it wasn't just me. I had been starting to wonder whether it was something on the site itself but couldn't bring myself to open a thread. The site admin. must be able to tie this into something that has happened in the last week or so.


                Been driving me bonkers aswell. So much so it's a more pleasant experience to view the forum on my phone. Please sort it out LLZ bods.
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                  Is anyone on the team looking at this? It's clearly a forum problem, not a browser problem. Just look at the recent changes and reverse some of them...


                    From the forum Admin;

                    I have noticed that the Chrome Auto-Scroll bug people are reporting is becoming a real issue for members. From what I can see it is first and foremost a bug with the Chrome browser that causes this behavior on certain sites where a series of conditions are present - a quick google shows may people reporting these issues with Chrome all the way back to 2009.

                    I am actively looking for a solution or fix that I could implement that may counteract the browser bug but it's not easy and could take some time. The forums look like they work pretty well on firefox browser, so for those who simply must have a fix right now I think firefox browser is the answer.

                    If you happen upon any conversations about this topic then please share the information above.
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                      It really is becoming a proper issue... I am sure I'm getting angry because of it. I contribute quite a lot here and it's driving me insane.

                      It's not a "browser bug", though, is it?

                      I've been using Chrome for many years and the forum has always been fine. Something's changed at the forum side, not at the browser side, something in the last few weeks or month or so. Suggesting another browser is not really the answer. Go through the changes that have been made at the forum side and figure out which of those introduced this issue with Chrome, then pull it. All will be well again. Other sites that I frequent do not behave this way, with Chrome.


                        I don't use chrome, I use Firefox but I did notice this issue on a few forums, including this one, about a month ago.

                        I worked out what was causing it.

                        At the time there was a bit of a problem at our (rural) telephone exchange and the broadband connection went very slow.

                        This meant that the adverts at the side of the page (12 graphic ADs on this page alone) were slow to load.

                        Every time one finished loading the screen would jump back to the top of the page until they had all finished loading, which is just what is being described by others here.

                        Forums with less or no Ads did not show the problem.

                        Once the broadband speed came back up the problem dissapeared again.

                        This suggests that it may be your Chrome browsers that are being slow loading the adverts.
                        I you could try an Ad-Blocker to see if that makes a difference, there are plenty out there.

                        Or of course switch to one of the other browsers.


                          I agree with Hippo - nothing has changed my end yet this problem suddenly appeared - don't have it with any other sites....and I also agree it is reallly really annoying!
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                            Originally posted by nukecad View Post
                            This suggests that it may be your Chrome browsers that are being slow loading the adverts.
                            I you could try an Ad-Blocker to see if that makes a difference, there are plenty out there.
                            I've already tried it with and without ad-blocking, and it makes no difference at all.
                            (as an aside - since that ghastly advert(s) that kept playing audio-visual stuff has gone, I've left adblocker off here - since adverts are what pay for my use of this site, it seems reasonable to permit them to be displayed providing they are not overly intrusive.)

                            Originally posted by islandgirl View Post
                            I agree with Hippo - nothing has changed my end yet this problem suddenly appeared - don't have it with any other sites....and I also agree it is reallly really annoying!
                            To be fair though, if you have Chrome set to auto update, then your version of it will have been updated recently, which would mean something has indeed changed at your end. Chrome is now up to version 43.0.2357.130 m (ie it updates a lot); I can see my last update was on 20 June (though that's a long time after this problem started).

                            My guess is that it's some weird clash between Chrome and LandlordZone. Has anybody actually experienced the problem anywhere else? If so, a URL posted here might be of some use?


                              You may be right but I am fed up with posting whilst jumping on a trampoline...
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